Letter from Tony Guerrero to His Mother on Her Birthday


“It is my mother who I look up to as the most sublime example of love that life has given me,” writes Tony in his letter for the birthday of his mother Mirta Rodríguez.

Dear friends,
The doors have just opened; it is 6:00 am. And here I am, sitting in front of this small screen thinking: “My beloved mother turns 82 today.”

A few weeks ago, we had the bliss of seeing each other again, physically. We see each other every day through the eyes of the heart, those that see beyond the walls and borders.

My mother is beautiful, she has always been, but today she is more so.

On one of the visiting days, in those moments when we have some privacy, she told me: “Look how my hands are wrinkling, I have always tried to keep them smooth.” And we stared at each other, smiling.

It is the passage of time. And of suffering too, although she is strong, really strong and she knows that we will see each other again at home and all this time of unfair confinement of her beloved children will be in the past. That is how she has always called the five of us.

I know that today the National Flowers will be exhibited, the ones that I had so difficultly doing, but did my best, painted for the Museum of Natural History. I mean, I painted them for us and for our people. It was an honour for us to be given that task.

I was telling my mother that in every stroke of that pastel colour with which I painted those flowers there is a thought of love for her because I know how much she likes flowers.

I know my Mom will have a wonderful day, surrounded by love and even good music. My mother likes music; she sings and dances very well, although she cannot do it as well as she used to anymore.

I know she will receive so many shows of affection that, as she says, “it will be too much for one heart to bear.”

And tomorrow, very early in the morning, she will be leaving for Mexico to continue the activities in the struggle for our freedom.

I have already said that my mother is beautiful, very strong and firmly a revolutionary to whom I look up to as the most sublime example of love that life has given me.

Five hugs.

¡We shall overcome!

Tony Guerrero Rodríguez
May 22, 2014
6:30 a.m. in Marianna Prison.

Translated by ESTI


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