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The recent unrest in Cuba: a textbook example of fake news and media warfare

August 6, 2021

JSC: Jamaicans in Solidarity with Cuba

Source: Latin America in Movement

Date:July 26 2021

There has been acoordinated campaignto attack the Cuban government and blame it for the hardships facing the Cuban people.

On Sunday, July 11, Cubans took to the streets for the first time in more than twenty years to express their dismay. It seemed like a spontaneous action, but on closer inspection there’s a bigger picture here. For sixty years the US has been trying to bring about regime change. In recent years, they have been using social media and mainstream media in a sophisticated way to do so. Recent events in Cuba are a textbook example of this.

“Washington’s hysterical dedication to crush Cuba  from almost the first days of its independence in 1959  is one of the most extraordinary phenomena  of modern history, but still,  the level of petty sadism is a constant surprise.”
Noam Chomsky


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