The coronavirus and the society of the global lie

JSC: Jamaicans in Solidarity with Cuba

Source:  La Santa Mambisa

February 28 2020

By Pedro Luis Angosto

During the past year, 277,000 cases of cancer were registered in Spain. Half of the patients will die within a period of less than five years, suffering for the rest of their life an unspeakable ordeal of comings and goings to the hospital, chemo and radiotherapy, pain and suffering and indescribable fear.

In an advanced and civilized society, research to cure or alleviate cancer, heart disease and degenerative diseases should occupy a preeminent place, devoting all possible economic means to them.

Similarly, in a civilized and fair world, the World Health Organization, instead of shushing, should denounce the very high prices of treatments for those diseases that are ruining state health systems, declaring the freedom of all countries copy any medication that serves to improve the lives of the sick and condemn the mafia and monopolistic distribution of new treatments…

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