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Cuba reinforces medical aid in Mozambique after Cyclone Idai

March 28, 2019

JSC: Jamaicans in Solidarity with Cuba

Source:  ACN, Radio Rebelde
March 26 2019

cuban doctors in mozambique.jpg

Cuba will strengthen its medical cooperation with Mozambique to help counter the impact of the devastating cyclone Idai, which devastated several countries in southern Africa, and in particular will send this Tuesday a field hospital with all its staff and essential equipment to Mozambique.

The announcement was made today by Anayansi Rodriguez Camejo, Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, who said that the new medical brigade will join the 372 Cuban health collaborators working in that country, of which 36 cooperate since the first time the cyclone touched land on March 14, according to information from the cubaminrex digital site.

She added that their presence responds to the historical Cuban-African solidarity links and in particular to the catastrophic damages caused by the hurricane, with close to 500 deaths, according to statistics from the National Institute of Emergency Management of the government of that Republic, although several news…

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Cuba Rejects Changes to US Travel Visa as Rights Violation

March 20, 2019

JSC: Jamaicans in Solidarity with Cuba

Source:  TeleSUR
March 16 2019

cuba rejects changes.jpgThe changes only “imposes high economic costs” to families, the ministry said.
| Photo: EFE

The changes to the B2 Visa were put into effective as of Jan. 18, limiting travel time within the U.S. from five years to three months.

The Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Minrez) is rejecting the ‘unfair’ adjustments made to B2 Visas, which decrease the length of time allotted to Cuban visitors traveling in the U.S. from five years to three months.

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The changes to the B2 travel visa were put into effective as of Jan. 18 and, in a statement, the ministry said citizens are faced with numerous obstacles just to visit the northern nation for familial visits and business trips.

Minrex accused Washington of making the travel visa the latest dig at the Caribbean nation, after…

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Unificación monetaria y cambiaria en Cuba: decisión impostergable. Por Armando Nova González*

March 19, 2019

La pupila insomne

La aceptación de la doble circulación monetaria en Cuba (1993-1994) fue una de las medidas tomadas en el país para afrontar la crisis económica de los años noventa, conocida como “período especial”.

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US Regime Change Blueprint Proposed Venezuelan Electricity Blackouts To Incite Public Unrest

March 14, 2019

JSC: Jamaicans in Solidarity with Cuba

By Max Blumenthal,

guaido-pence-duqueGuaido, Pence, Duque

The US-Funded CANVAS Organization That Trained Juan Guaido And His Allies Produced A 2010 Memo On Exploiting Electricity Outages And Urged The Opposition “To Take Advantage Of The Situation…Towards Their Needs”

September 2010 memo by a US-funded soft power organization that helped train Venezuelan coup leader Juan Guaido and his allies identifies the potential collapse of the country’s electrical sector as “a watershed event” that “would likely have the impact of galvanizing public unrest in a way that no opposition group could ever hope to generate.”

The memo has special relevance today as Guaido moves to exploit nationwide blackouts caused by a major failure at the Simon Bolivar Hydroelectric Plant at Guri dam – a crisis that Venezuela’s government blames on US sabotage.

It was authored by Srdja Popovic of the Center for Applied Non-Violent Action and Strategies (CANVAS), a Belgrade-based “democracy…

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President Maduro’s Message to Venezuela After the Blackout

March 12, 2019

Carlos Alberto Montaner, agente de la CIA para desacreditar a #Cuba y #Venezuela

March 11, 2019

Cuba por Siempre Agustín Palermo

Me entero por la Internet que el periódico La Nación de Costa Rica, tiene entre sus filas como publicista a Carlos Alberto Montaner, agente de la Agencia Central de Inteligencia (CIA) de los Estados Unidos que, un domingo sí y otro también, derrama bilis contra Cuba y Venezuela. Ignoro si en el pasado ese diario tuvo algún prestigio que no sea el comercial, pero lo que es el presente, no sólo es vergonzoso sino patético; Montaner es el columnista calumniador.

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Cuba responds to CBC’s fake news article

March 5, 2019

JSC: Jamaicans in Solidarity with Cuba


March 3 2019

Cuba’s Ambassador responds to unsubstantiated claims in CBC News article, “Canada at odds with Cuban ‘ally’ over Maduro’s fate.”

Ottawa, March 3, 2019

To the Editor of CBC News

josefina vidal.jpgI reject categorically and in the strongest terms the tendentious and manipulative article “Canada at odds with Cuba ‘ally’ over Maduro’s fate”, written by journalist Evan Dyer and published today, Sunday, March 3, 2019, by CBC News.

Good journalism does not speculate, it informs objectively.

The assertion that thousands of Cubans would allegedly be inserted into the structures of the armed and security forces of Venezuela, holding the government of (legitimate) President Nicolás Maduro, is a scandalous slander. I demand that CBC News present a proof, which evidently it does not have, since it does not appear in the whole article.

What Cuba has been offering Venezuela for many years is a modest cooperation, in which…

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