Venezuela’s Gov’t Presents Evidence Of Coup Plot with US and Colombian Participation

JSC: Jamaicans in Solidarity with Cuba

Source:  Internationalist 360
February 6 2019

The coup d’état was coordinated by retired Colonel Oswaldo Valentín García Palomo, who was arrested on Jan. 31 in an intelligence operation in Venezuela.

The Venezuelan Minister of Communications, Jorge Rodríguez, held a press conference on Thursday in which he showed evidence of the plan of attempted coup d’état carried out by the rightwing against constitutional President Nicolás Maduro, with the participation of the governments of the United States and Colombia.

The official revealed that thanks to a Venezuelan intelligence operation, retired colonel Oswaldo Valentín García Palomo, who was trying to enter the country to organize a military coup d’état, was arrested.

“The vehicle in which García Palomo travelled to our country (Venezuela) was put in by Venezuelan intelligence,” which was captured on January 31, according to data provided by the Minister of Communication.

He denounced that the U.S. and Colombian governments supported the…

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