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2018: Más Internet para los cubanos

December 30, 2017

El Adversario

Entrevista al ingeniero Wilfredo González Vidal, viceministro del Ministerio de Comunicaciones de la República de Cuba

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Los Aldeanos, la USAID y los planes contra Cuba

December 28, 2017

Crisis en Venezuela: ¿humanitaria o de credibilidad de la oposición?

December 27, 2017

Honduras: Open Letter to the American People – Zelaya

December 26, 2017

JSC: Jamaicans in Solidarity with Cuba


Date:  December 22 2017

by   José Manuel Zelaya Rosales

People of the United States:

For the past century, the owners of the fruit companies called our country “Banana Republic” and characterized our politicians as “cheaper than a mule” (as in the infamous Rolston letter).

Honduras, a dignified nation, has had the misfortune of having a ruling class lacking in ethical principles that kowtows to U.S. transnational corporations, condemning our country to backwardness and extreme poverty.

zelata dec 2017.jpgWe have been subject to horrible dictatorships that have enjoyed U.S. support, under the premise that an outlaw is good for us if he serves transnational interests well. We have reached the point that today we are treated as less than a colony to which the U.S. government does not even deign to appoint an ambassador. Your government has installed a dictatorship in the person of Mr. Hernández, who acts as a…

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The Caribbean: The challenges of integration on the empire’s frontier

December 13, 2017

JSC: Jamaicans in Solidarity with Cuba

Source:  Granma
December 7 2017

by: Sergio Alejandro Gómez |

cuba sent humanitarian aid.jpg Cuba sent as much humanitarian aid as it could to the islands most severely affected by hurricanes Irma and Maria. Photo: Sergio Alejandro Gómez

Former President of Dominica Juan Bosch described the Caribbean as an “imperial frontier,” and point of conflict between the economic and political interests of global powers, a reality which hasn’t changed since the time of Christopher Columbus.

A long history of exploitation, underdevelopment, and power struggles

Behind the façade of beautiful beaches and multi-colored neighborhoods which cover the front page of magazines all over the world, the region has a long history of exploitation, underdevelopment, and power struggles.

It seems therefore that despite language and cultural differences, integration among the peoples of the Caribbean is the only possible way to wipe away the vast debts of its colonial past, which some countries, like the…

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