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A Lesson for the US: Cuba’s Response to Hurricanes

August 30, 2017

JSC: Jamaicans in Solidarity with Cuba

Source:  TeleSUR
August 28 2017

texas aug 2017.jpgResidents struggle through flood waters from tropical storm Harvey in Beaumont Place, Texas, August 28. | Photo: Reuters

How a small Caribbean island with few resources manages to protect its people from extreme weather better than some of the richest countries.

A hurricane evacuation plan

Preparedness and prevention are hallmark qualities of the Cuban Revolution. They’re evident in the Caribbean island’s medical sector, educational system, environmental policies and at Playa de Giron in 1961. However, an often overlooked area where these two qualities safeguard the well-being of Cuban families is the development of a hurricane evacuation plan.

IN PICTURES:  In Cuba’s East, Solidarity Proves Crucial to Hurricane Recovery

As one-time hurricane, now tropical storm, Harvey continues to wreak havoc in Houston and other areas of Texas and Louisiana, and on the eve of the 12-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, teleSUR spoke with Gail Reed…

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Campaña sobre ataque acústico oculta espionaje de #EEUU en #Cuba

August 29, 2017

Cuba por Siempre

LA HABANA (Sputnik) — Arthur González, bloguero progubernamental cubano, advirtió en el artículo ‘Qué se esconde tras la novela de los ‘ataques acústicos”, el supuesto espionaje que realizan en La Habana funcionarios de la embajada de Estados Unidos.

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Venezuela’s President Says Trump’s New Sanctions Mean Sacrifice But Open Opportunities

August 27, 2017

JSC: Jamaicans in Solidarity with Cuba

Source:  TeleSUR
August 25 2017

maduro aug 2017.jpg

President Maduro responds to Trump’s sanctions on Venezuela and its oil company, August 25 | Photo: Reuters

President Maduro has invited U.S. investors to Caracas to discuss a response to Trump’s new sanctions, which target Venezuela’s financial sector and the state oil company, PDVSA.

President Nicolas Maduro says the new financial sanctions imposed by the U.S. president on Venenzuela are illegal, and the first to suffer will be U.S. investors.

RELATED: Venezuela’s Constituent Assembly to Begin Writing New Constitution Next Week

He said the prohibiton on U.S. citizens and companies buying Venezuelan bonds and securities, is an attempt to strangle Venezuela’s economy. “Can the world accept this?” he asked, and called for solidarity from the world community.

The stage of post-domination by the United States begins

He recognized that the sanctions will mean sacrifice for the Venezuelan people. But he said they also open up the opportunity…

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Black Lives Matter in Cuba

August 22, 2017

JSC: Jamaicans in Solidarity with Cuba

Source:  TeleSUR
August 21 2017

By: Andrew King

Afro-Cubans in Havana Plaza | Photo: EFE

It is precisely because of Cuba’s anti-racist and pro-worker policies that the U.S. government has labeled the country “a violator of human rights.”

As activists unite to confront white supremacy in the United States, it is important for us to study other societies outside the U.S. that have made true strides in racial and economic justice, in order to better envision the world that we want to create.

OPINION: Britain’s Open University Bows to US Pressure over Cuba

After listening to President Donald Trump’s June speech on Cuba, in which he reversed all the steps that the Obama administration had made to improve relations, one might not think to look towards this island nation as such an exemplary society. However, one must understand the history of Cuba to see why the U.S. government is escalating…

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Cuba la Isla herida

August 21, 2017

El Heraldo Cubano

Por Arthur González.

Rabia e impotencia se unen al dolor por las más recientes víctimas del terrorismo en Barcelona, España, porque los que se esconden detrás de un supuesto móvil político son vulgares asesinos, para los que la vida de un ser humano no cuenta.

No les importa que las bombas, las balas y otras formas empleadas para matar, carezcan de nombres para truncar vidas inocentes.

Los cubanos se solidarizan con el pueblo español y otros que en los últimos tiempos han sufrido las consecuencias de acciones terroristas, porque saben lo que es perder a sus seres queridos, ver sus fábricas, centros comerciales, cines, teatros, escuelas, sembrados y hasta sus crías de animales destinados a la alimentación del pueblo, destruidos a causa de la crueldad de personas carentes de sentimientos humanos.

Cuba sufrió su primer golpe terrorista el 11 de octubre de 1959, cuando aviones procedentes de Estados Unidos, bombardearon…

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August 17, 2017


A New Angle in Abu-Jamal’s Case

August 16, 2017

JSC: Jamaicans in Solidarity with Cuba


August 12, 2017

The decades-old case of convicted police killer Mumia Abu-Jamal has always centered on whether the legal process was rigged against the black political activist, an argument that has new life, reports Dennis J Bernstein.

By Dennis J Bernstein

A potential new front has opened up in the fight to free Mumia Abu-Jamal, who was convicted of the 1981 murder of Philadelphia police officer Daniel Faulkner. Abu-Jamal has always maintained his innocence and has spent the last 30 plus years trying to prove it.

mumia 5.jpgMumia Abu-Jamal (Flickr 4Ward Ever UK)

Along the way, there have been some victories. First he fought his way off Death Row. Then he fought a battle to get medical care that he was being denied, a situation that sent his health into a dangerous spiral. Now he and his lawyers are citing new information about possible judicial bias that could have…

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Polls: US Is ‘the Greatest Threat to Peace in the World Today’

August 13, 2017

JSC: Jamaicans in Solidarity with Cuba

Source:  Strategic Culture

August 7 2017

biggest threat to world peace.jpgIt has happened again: yet another international poll finds that the US is viewed by peoples around the world to be the biggest threat to world peace.

But, to start, let’s summarize the first-ever poll that had been done on this, back in 2013, which was the only prior poll on this entire issue, and it was the best-performed such poll: «An end-of-the-year WIN/Gallup International survey found that people in 65 countries believe the United States is the greatest threat to world peace», as the N.Y. Post reported on 5 January 2014.

2013 Poll

On 30 December 2013, the BBC had reported of that poll: «This year, first [meaning here, ‘for’] the first time, Win/Gallup agreed to include three questions submitted by listeners to [BBC’s] Radio 4’s Today programme». And, one of those three listener-asked questions was phrased there by the BBC…

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Nosotros o ellos. El imperio, Che Guevara, Cuba Revolucionaria y Venezuela

August 5, 2017


August 1, 2017

Con la verdad, por la paz y la justicia social

La Red de Intelectuales, Artistas y Movimientos Sociales en Defensa de la Humanidad desea felicitar al pueblo venezolano por la lección de democracia que brindara durante la votación para la Asamblea Nacional Constituyente.

Frente al intento, por parte de la derecha nacional e internacional, de generar odio y terror para impedir, mediante el miedo, el ejercicio democrático del voto, el pueblo salió a las calles para decir no a la violencia, para decir sí a una Asamblea Nacional Constituyente como herramienta para la paz, como forma de profundizar la democracia participativa y constitucionalizar los avances que ha tenido desde 1999 con la asunción del Comandante Hugo Chávez Frías a la presidencia.

Mención aparte merece la obscena injerencia imperial (como ha reconocido la propia CIA sin el menor sonrojo) y la amplificación, incitación y legitimación, que de la violencia hacen las trasnacionales de la (des)información.

No solo reconocemos los resultados y los…

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