Vigil Call Out in support of Julian #Assange 17th October 2016 – Will #Sweden Call?

WISE Up Action - A Solidarity Network for Manning and Assange

Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 12.26.55Political Asylum, Arbitrary Detention.

Julian Assange will remain in UK and Swedish history as the individual whose rights were trampled upon by states drunk in their own power. He was put through an extradition process in the UK whose decision has consequently been found to be in error by the UK Supreme Court, was arrested on a warrant found unjust by Parliament who legislated against it, was granted political asylum to protect his life and work from political persecution, was found to be arbitrarily detained by the highest authority in the world in such matters, UNWGAD, still he has not benefitted from all these developments. Politics is what keep him in his current state.

There is no justice when basic human rights are trampled upon to serve the prestige of an unfair judicial system and its representatives, a system without Human Rights bar, without oversight. Neither is justice done when legal process…

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