UK and Sweden Arbitrarily Detain Julian Assange for 2000 Days, Standing in Solidarity with the WikiLeaks Editor

WISE Up Action - A Solidarity Network for Manning and Assange

On February 5 this year, UNWGAD published their opinion that Julian Assange is Arbitrarily Detained by UK and Sweden. Both countries are signatories to the International Treaties upon which the UN group based their investigation and ruling, the two countries should follow the UN opinion that they should free and compensate the WikiLeaks Editor. But whilst these governments are pre-occupied with power politics disregarding a very important Human Rights issue, we can take action in Julian Assange’s defence by raising awareness of his case and standing in solidarity by his side.


On The 28th of May 2016 we gathered outside the embassy with banners, posters and distributed hundreds of flyers to passers by, discussing the latest news, sharing ideas for future action and sending our hopes and wishes for Julian Assange’s release.

Ciaron O’Reilly shared with us a statement, marking 2000 Days of Julian’s Arbitrary Detention by the UK and…

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