Cuba Rejects Politicization of Human Rights Issue

NYC Havana Blog

The Caribbean state was referring specifically to remarks by Deputy U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken at the United Nations Human Rights Council, accusing a group of countries — among them Cuba, Venezuela, China and Russia — of alleged human rights violations.

A statement issued by the Cuban Foreign Ministry reads: “The United Nations Human Rights Council should not follow in the steps of the once-discredited Commission on Human Rights, which the United States and its Western allies turned into a mere political tool to advance their own interests to the detriment of Third World countries and peoples.”

Also addressing the high-level segment meeting of the United Nations Human Rights Council, Pedro Núñez, Director of Multi-Lateral Affairs and International Law at the Cuban Foreign Ministry, pointed to rich countries like the United States trying to impose their own vision of democracy and governance on the rest of the world, and…

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