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Listening to what THEY have to say

February 29, 2016

NYC Havana Blog

Listening to what THEY have to say

It is said that we humans were given one mouth and two ears for a reason; more than providing us simply with the means to talk, the Good Lord doubled down on our ability to listen.  Given his rich endowment in the hearing department, President Obama could really get an earful if he went to Cuba as equipped to receive as he is to transmit.

In expressing this view, we appear to be in the minority. Up to now, every opinion column we’ve read reacting to his upcoming trip has offered little more than points the writers want him to score, or lists of demands they want him to make.

Some add demands that the President gather together pre-selected groups of Cubans who will say to him exactly what the most determined critics of his policy here in the U.S. want Mr. Obama to hear.

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US: Same objective, different strategy for Cuba

February 29, 2016

JSC: Jamaicans in Solidarity with Cuba

fidel y nixon 5raul y obama 2Obama’s actions prior to his visit

By Néstor García Iturbe
February 20, 2016


 This translated version, without subheads, appeared on

Obama’s visit to Cuba in context

Many of those “well versed in the material” are saying that in our remaining days before the Nobel Peace Prize winner arrives in Cuba surely the U.S. government will make some gestures toward our country that will “sweeten” the environment so that when the welcoming takes place, the climate will be favorable for the visit.

I don’t imagine that the reception will be along the lines of the film “Welcome Mr. Marshall” with a long row of people, from the airport to the place where he is going to stay, all holding little U.S. flags, and musical groups playing the Marines’ Hymn as the motorcade passes by. (1)  That’s all well and good, but not too much of it!

It looks…

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The White House National Security Agenda for Obama’s Visit to Cuba

February 29, 2016

JSC: Jamaicans in Solidarity with Cuba

Source:  Global Research
By Arnold August
February 23 2016

Ben Rhodes.jpgBen Rhodes, Assistant to Obama and Deputy National Security Advisor, provides crucial input into the new tactical road map for Cuba policy regarding Cuba–US relations. Rhodes, who is also officially the speechwriter for Obama, is to be commended, along with the President himself, for the new Cuba policy, including the decision concerning the President’s visit to Cuba.

One of the most important documents serving as the basis of this visit is the February 18, 2016 transcript of a Press Briefing by Rhodes and White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest. Unfortunately, it has not been widely disseminated. During the course of the briefing, Rhodes had to answer questions from journalists, which forced him to elaborate on the plan for the President’s visit to Cuba as part of Cuba–US relations.

The briefing indicates that the US is on the offensive with regard…

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