Venezuelans Protest Privatisation of Social Housing as Parliament Approves in First Discussion

JSC: Jamaicans in Solidarity with Cuba

Caracas, January 30th 2016

by Rachael Boothroyd Rojas and Jonas Holldack

venezuelans march against new housing law 4.jpgVenezuelan housing rights groups took to the streets of Caracas on Thursday to reject the political opposition’s plans to privatize social housing.

Since launching its housing “mission” or program in 2012, the Bolivarian government, together with communities, has built more than 1 million homes for some of Venezuela’s poorest families.

But the recently built social housing is now under threat of being sold off, thanks to a motion pledging to privatize the houses introduced by the newly elected opposition-controlled National Assembly early in January.

Dubbed the Law for the Award of Property Deeds to the Beneficiaries of the Venezuelan Great Housing Mission (GMVV), the legislation was approved by parliament in initial discussions on Thursday. It will now go to second discussion where it will likely be passed.

Defending the rights of the banks over the rights of…

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