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The Secret Agenda behind the Venezuela-Guyana Conflict

August 24, 2015

JSC: Jamaicans in Solidarity with Cuba

eva golinger 4Source:  Znet
By Eva Golinger
August 22 2015

It all began in 1835 when the British Empire sent a German-born naturalist and explorer to conduct geographical research in the South American territory it had colonized and named British Guiana. In the course of his explorations, a map was drawn that well-exceeded the original western boundary first occupied by the Dutch and later passed to British control.

Sparking the interest of the Empire’s desire to expand its borders into the area west of the Essequibo River that was rich in gold, the British government commissioned the explorer to survey their territorial boundaries. What became known as the “Schomburgk Line”, named after the explorer, Robert Hermann Schomburgk, usurped a large portion of Venezuelan land, and provoked the beginning of a territorial dispute that has remained unresolved to this day.

The British violate the agreement of 1850

In 1850, after…

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