Ecuador Opposition Resorts to Violence…Again

JSC: Jamaicans in Solidarity with Cuba

Source:  TeleSUR

Demonstrators clash with the police during a march in QuitoThe pattern is clear in countries in Latin America run by progressive governments working to reduce inequality, poverty and hunger.  The pattern starts with a small group of right-wing persons finding a reason to ‘protest’.  They then lead a minority to join them in this ‘protest’.  A section of this ‘protest’ then turns violent.  One can never be sure if, as has been done in some marches in the US, agent provocateurs, were planted among the protesters to incite this violence.

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One objective of the violence is to create martyrs whose deaths can be used to strengthen the ‘protests’.  Another objective of the violence is to create vivid footage for the corporate controlled international media which then (i) gives their viewers worldwide the impression that the democratically elected president of the country is a ‘dictator’ who is very unpopular and has to resort to violence against his/her own…

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