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August 7, 2015

The Cat in Havana

thinkingLiving in Cuba has its ups and downs, just like anywhere else.

One thing is for certain – it’s never boring!

Not having the same ‘comforts’ as back home never daunted me. Being surrounded by excess, incessant advertising and consumerism never appealed to me and rarely do I miss even the variety that this entails.

While at times not being able to get hold of certain foods may have slightly got to me, having to adapt your diet in terms of seasons is quite refreshing in some ways. On the one hand the produce itself hasn’t been transported thousands of miles from some unknown distant source, or tampered with to be artificially available all year round; and on the other, it means you can actually get excited about things arriving – I’m currently salivating as I watch the huge avocados outside my window mature!

IMG_6585Fresh produce is available in markets…

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