Cuba: An unusual battle in Washington

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Cuba: An unusual battle in Washington

HAVANA — Because of the polarization that exists between Democrats and Republicans, the recent creation of the bipartisan coalition Engage Cuba, intended to promote relations with the island, is rare. Suffice it to analyze its composition to notice its singularity.

Its president is James Williams, a young consultant who was an adviser to U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, and Washington bureau chief for Trimpa Group, a Democratic organization based in Colorado that specializes in the promotion of — in their words — “progressive policies and strategies.”

Also from the Democratic ranks comes one of the so-called “senior advisers,” Lucas Albee, who was chief of staff to senators Mark Warner and Patrick Leahy, two of the main promoters of a change of policy toward Cuba in that organization.

Joining them with the same title of senior adviser is Stephen Law, with vast experience in the conservative Republican ranks. He…

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