Cuba announces expansion of WiFi services in public places

NYC Havana Blog


HAVANA, Cuba, Jun 18 (acn) Cuba´s Telecom company ETECSA announced the setting up of 35 WiFi publica areas in early July throughout the island, which will effectively increase the people´s access to the Internet.

ETECSA communications director Luis Manuel Diaz told Juventud Rebelde newspaper that the initiative will be implemented after some major adjustments are concluded at the center that will operate the WiFi technology in order to guarantee the quality of the service.

The wireless network will operate under the codename WIFI-ETECSA for all temporary or permanent users of the local domain either in cell phones, laptops or tablets.

The official explained that in a first stage, the price of this service will be 2. 00 CUC (similar to US Dollars) the hour on the Internet as of July 1, lower than before but still considered high, the official admitted.

Diaz said that this is not a…

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