FHRC corrupt capitalizes coordinating anti-Cuban maneuvers in Panama Summit.

NYC Havana Blog

CANFFHRCThe Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba (FHRC) -Invention CANF to show “good face” away from its terrorist past and scandalous history of corruption and shady shenanigans politicians, seems to have been chosen to coordinate and direct the participation of Cuban counterrevolutionaries employees who participate in the parallel forums for the next Summit of the Americas in Panama.

There will be conducting the orchestra of the anti media detractors office and defraying the expenses of a dozen of them.

In an unusual secrecy, FHRC has remained anonymous until his arrival in Panama, the list of members of his entourage of about 30 people.Namely, about 11 of them are members of the shed CANF and FHRC, who will organize, coordinate and direct the media attack on Cuba at the Summit.

There are three events that CANF and FHRC have put their efforts to orchestrate the anti-ideological aggression: The conference “The…

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