The 7th Summit of the Americas will be interesting

JSC: Jamaicans in Solidarity with Cuba

Source: progresoweekly
Jane Franklin • April 1, 2015

Workers conduct demolition on the White House's North LawnThe White House is desperately trying to preserve the OAS as its primary organization for managing Western Hemisphere Affairs. After all, the Organization of American States is based in Washington and it used to work for the White House. Although it nominally includes all 35 nations of the Western Hemisphere, the Kennedy administration, gearing up for Operation Mongoose, engineered Cuba’s suspension in 1962.  After that, the U.S. president never had to meet the Cuban prime minister or president face-to-face at the OAS Summit.

2012: OAS votes for Cuba

But in 2009 a major change took place: the OAS voted to end Cuba’s suspension. President Obama made it clear he would not attend the next Summit, in 2012, if the president of Cuba attended.

CELAC 11Meanwhile, Latin American and the Caribbean States were creating a different model for the hemisphere – the…

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