Frankenstein in the mirror


Entitled “Espacio para el debate”, last March 18th Cuban newspaper Granma announced the creation of a blog platform named Reflejos. The service, using the tool WordPress, had at the time 3416 blogs — the platform managers confirmed to the paper.

Five days later, including Saturday and Sunday, reviewing Reflejos’ directory, I found 3849 blogs registered on different topics. It showed an evident increase at the rate of 100 blogs daily. The platform advantages —.cu domain that allows people with no Internet access to manage it as well as visibility from anywhere in the world— have been attractive to lots of people.

However, such a phenomenon has gone unnoticed by international media, which is always keeping an eye on freedom of expression in Cuba, especially with regards to Information and Communications technologies. Perhaps this is a sign of how much they care about democracy and the right to freedom of expression in those they name “ordinary Cubans”.

The very same international media paid different attention to the private paper created by Yoani Sanchez in a neighborhood of Havana, supported by a great sum of money and important technological back-up. Assistant Secretary of State Roberta Jacobson, U.S. officer in charge of negotiations with Cuba, visited her last January and it showed that international media is well informed about the priorities of the State Department and it is not coincidence that Ms. Sanchez has been named Vice-president of the Inter-American Press Association (IAPA) —association of media moguls allegedly pointed to be at the service of CIA.

Nonetheless, Reflejos’ luck may change soon. Yoani Sanchez has placed the contents of her millionaire company with eleven employees, on the platform of personal blogs.
The presence of Ms. Sanchez’s Reflejos in the blog is not an exercise of individual freedom of a citizen who exercises a right of opinion in conditions of equity—which would be a legitimate practice— but the imposition of a systematic practice of lying for money —backed by the greatest power on Earth. Roberta Jacobson herself has admitted privately: the United States is a “barrier to connectivity in Cuba”.

Reflejos will likely grab all the headlines and not because the thousands of Cuban people who express their viewpoints there, or the abusive act with which Frankestein invades, rather for the way the little monster created in the laboratories of media war describes everything happening there.

We will know about it with the same objectivity with which she reported the false “beating”, the false interview to Obama, hunger strikes that ended in dinner parties, or the police assault to a church in Havana that never happened, the firing against a diplomat car with a grass mower, or the many deaths of Fidel. And these events are only the 1% of all Yoani’s journalistic prowess. Nevertheless, she has been awarded several prizes.

As a matter of fact, it is not about giving access to information unavailable for Cuban citizens —if we can call this practice “to inform”. I remember I gave out some opinions to the AP as a result of Yoani’s debut as a newspaper director. These opinions were never published. I said Yoani Sanchez and some of her assistants linked to the so-called Cuban twitter in the organization Raices de Esperanza met Joe Biden, U.S. vice-president, the same day the scandal of ZunZuneo flared up. Biden added:

I have seen that websites hostile to the Cuban government like that of Yoani are visible here, as well as newspapers such as El Nuevo Herald, Diario de Cuba, or the exclusive space recently opened by the BBC with a similar profile named Voces desde Cuba. Similarly, it is true that others managed or funded by the government of the U.S. like Radio and TV Marti, and ZunZuneo itself are not. It would be nice if the AP asks Biden about his relationship with all those projects, where there is lots of money from American taxpayers involved, so Cubans ended up watching nothing.

An AP newswire added: “Strategic documents procured by the AP show that Sanchez is one of the personalities that according to organizers could place her microblog in twitter through the messaging platform of ZunZuneo”.

It is hard to amplifying this thriving U.S. government investment in Cuba, with a surplus of workers and without reported incomes, lying systematically, acting fraudulently and with no journalistic work ethic, whose leader has been labeled by Wikileaks as the most popular worker for a U.S. embassy; instead, it is easier to silence the individual standpoint of almost 4,000 Cubans. But this is not democracy. It is understandable if we take into account that those who pay are the same who bombarded Yugoslav television.

Written by Iroel Sanchez, CubaSí
March 25, 2015
Cubasi Translation Staff

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