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Covering the island has been a central concern for The Nation since the beginning—producing scoops, aiding diplomacy, and pushing for a change in policy.

On May 9, 1961, just a few weeks after the CIA-led debacle at the Bay of Pigs, John F. Kennedy met with a group of newspaper editors at the White House to chastise them for exposing government secrets. A New York Times article headlined “U.S. Helps Train an Anti-Castro Force at Secret Guatemalan Air-Ground Base,” published three months before the invasion, was a case in point, the president argued.

“I noted that the information had previously appeared in The Nation,” Times managing editor Turner Catledge recalled saying to the president in protest.

“But it wasn’t news until it appeared in the Times,” Kennedy replied.

Of course, The Nation’s November 19, 1960, report on covert preparations to invade Cuba wasnews. More important, it…

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