U.S. Praises Cuba’s Record on Narcotics Trafficking


On this March1st the U.S. Department of State released its annual “International Narcotics Control Strategy Report” covering the year 2014. [1]

The Report’s discussion of Cuba is overwhelmingly positive. It states,“Despite its location between the largest exporters of illegal drugs in the hemisphere and the U.S. market, Cuba is not a major consumer, producer, or transit point of illicit narcotics.”

This Cuban success story is a result of Cuba’s sustained anti-narcotics efforts. “Cuba’s domestic production and consumption remain low due to active policing, strict sentencing, and nationwide prevention and educational programs. Cuba’s intensive security presence and interdiction efforts have kept supply down and prevented traffickers from establishing a foothold. Cuba concentrates supply reduction efforts by preventing smuggling through territorial waters, rapidly collecting wash-ups, and conducting thorough airport searches. Cuba dedicates significant resources to prevent illegal drugs and their use from spreading, and regional traffickers typically avoid Cuba.”

The U.S. Report…

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