Uganda: Let’s Learn Something From Cuba

JSC: Jamaicans in Solidarity with Cuba

The Observer (Kampala)

Cuba is a small country of just over 11 million people.

fidel raul y cheBut that has not stopped it from daring to defy the mighty United States, its neighbour, and living to tell the story. This has been achieved because of sheer determination of the Cuban leaders.

That Cuba is now the single biggest provider of health workers in the Ebola-hit West African countries, many more than those so far sent by far richer nations, according to the World Health Organisation, is just admirable.

raul bids farewell to cuban doctors leaving for west africa oct 24 2014According to reports, the president, Raul Castro, shook hands and embraced the 83 doctors and nurses who waved Cuban flags as they boarded a government jet bound for West Africa, arriving in Liberia and Guinea on Wednesday. These joined another 165 health workers sent to Sierra Leone a few weeks ago.

Cuba first came to Africa’s aid in the 60s and 70s

This is…

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