Fidel Comments on New York Times Article about US Blockade of Cuba

JSC: Jamaicans in Solidarity with Cuba

Oct 14 2014

fidel comments on nyt article oct 2014In his most recent article, entitled “What cannot not be Forgotten” Cuban Revolution leader comments on last Sunday’s Internet edition of The New York Times, which published the editorial “End the U.S. Embargo on Cuba” on Washington´s Cuba policy and the path which the US should, according to the views of the NYT editors.

fidel y herbert matthewsIn his article, Fidel said that at certain times, such articles are signed by some prestigious journalist, like someone he had the privilege of meeting during the first days of the guerrilla fight on the Sierra Maestra mountains after his force was almost eliminated by the Batista aviation and army. He said they were quite inexperienced at the time and that they did not even notice that by giving the impression of being strong would constitute something deserving criticism. But that was not the view of a valiant war correspondent whose story gave…

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