World Bank: Cuba has the best education system in Latin America and the Caribbean

JSC: Jamaicans in Solidarity with Cuba

Salim Lamrani

Source: Cuba Network in Defence of Humanity

cuban childrenAccording to the international organization, Cuba is the only country in Latin America and the Caribbean to have a high quality education system.

The World Bank recently published a revealing report on the status of education in Latin America and the Caribbean. Entitled Great Teachers: How to Raise Student Learning in Latin America and the Caribbean, the study focuses on the continent’s public education systems and the major challenges they face.[1]

A resource of seven million people

In Latin America, kindergarten, primary and secondary teachers constitute, in human terms, a resource of seven million people, or 4% of the region’s workforce and more than 20% of all technical and professional workers. Their salaries absorb 4% of the continent’s GDP. Their working conditions vary from one region to another, even within national borders. Teachers, mostly women – 75% on average – are…

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