The blockade: On the way to 100 years

NYC Havana Blog

The blockade: On the way to 100 years

NEW YORK — An old saying tells us that “there’s no evil that lasts 100 years,” even though the United States’ perverse blockade of Cuba seems on the way to being the first such evil.

That is, the “embargo,” central piece of what passes for a U.S. policy toward the island, has lasted more than 52 years and continues to inflict damage, immovable, intact, immune to reason, a dark and absurd monument to politicking, hypocrisy and stubbornness.

Incredibly, like a tumor that cannot be removed, the blockade is not likely to disappear in the foreseeable future.

A strong contender for the doubtful honor of the longest-lasting Failed Foreign Policy ever, the blockade is — in addition to cruel — shameful. Nobody wants it: the world has condemned it at the United Nations General Assembly for 22 consecutive years, every year with a greater majority. In 2013, the vote was 188…

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