World Bank: Cuba has the best educational system in Latin America and the Caribbean.

NYC Havana Blog

Photo: Ladyrene Pérez / CubaDebate

By: Salim Lamrani.

The World Bank has just published a revealing report on the issue of education in Latin America and the Caribbean.Titled excellent teachers.How to improve learning in Latin America and the Caribbean , the study examines the public education systems of the countries of the continent and the main challenges they face.

According to the World Bank, “no Latin American school system, with the possible exception of Cuba” has global parameters.

In Latin America, teachers in basic education (preschool, primary and secondary) is a human capital of 7 million people, or 4% of the workforce in the region, and more than 20% of technical workers and professionals .Their wages then 4% of the continent’s GDP and their working conditions vary from region to region, even within national borders.The teachers, poorly paid, are mostly women-an average of 75% – and belong to the modest social…

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