More Doctors program receives 95 percent approval rating from Brazilians


According to a survey conducted by the Brazilian government, 95% of people treated under the More Doctors program were satisfied with the public health project, which employs 14,462 professionals, the majority Cubans, to treat people living in remote and peripheral areas.

The program offers health services to 50 million people in 3,785 municipalities, living in remote and isolated areas and in 34 indigenous districts, according to a survey published yesterday by the Ministry of Health, on the first anniversary of the program.

According to the survey, 86% of those treated under the program “greatly improved” since the arrival of the new professionals.

The 4,000 people interviewed in 200 municipalities between June 4 and July 6 by the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG) gave the doctors – on average – scores above eight (out of 10).
According to the EFE, 84 % of people were satisfied with the duration of the consultations, with 80% giving positive scores to the service provided by doctors.

The most positive aspects of the program were indicated as being the increase in the number of consultations (58%), the presence of doctors everyday in health centers (33%) and quality of care provided by professionals (37%).

In regards to doctors, of the 11,456 Cubans, 96% of patients evaluated them as competent and 90% stated that they offer satisfactory care.

“This study confirms that the beneficiaries of More Doctors on the peripheries of big cities, in the interior of the country, the Amazon jungle and the northeast (the poorest region in Brazil) are very satisfied with the doctors,” stated Arthur Chioro, minister of Health.


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