Costa Rica: We are alarmed that USAID used Costa Ricans and put them at risk

JSC: Jamaicans in Solidarity with Cuba

usaid 3Costa Rica’s government will begin investigating programs, funded by the U.S. International Development Agency, or USAID, that used its citizens to destabilize Cuba’s government. The Costa Rican government has not yet confronted Washington formally but communication on the topic will be relayed through the foreign ministries of both governments, according to the Associated Press.

Costa Rican officials also said that the country has not yet found proper records to prove these USAID programs and their motive, the government will begin its investigation, based on an article published by the Associated Press on Aug. 4, which said that USAID and a Washington-based contractor Creative Associates International, used health and civic programs, including the ones being operated from Costa Rica, as a ploy. Washington reportedly sent Venezuelans, Costa Ricans and Peruvians to Cuba to provoke a change in Cuba’s political set-up when it was being led by ousted President Fidel Castro.

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