Enterprise mission of China in search of business with Cuba.

Special Development Zone Mariel (Photo: http://www.cadenagramonte.cu)

By Venus Carrillo Ortega

Interested in incentives offered by the new legal framework for foreign investment in Cuba, and above all in the special zone development Mariel, a major business mission from China will visit the Antillean Island in the coming days.

The visit, sponsored by the Trade Development Bureau and the investment promotion agency – both from the giant Asian-takes place coinciding with the tour, which takes place from Monday the President of the People’s Republic of China, Xi Jinping, for countries in Latin America, which will include Cuba, according to the Xinhua Agency. The travel of the President was initiated by Brazil, where he attended the sixth Summit of leaders of the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa).

According to the program released by the Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Cuba, Monday 21 shall be carried out at the National Hotel two meetings with representatives of the business community of the Caribbean nation, notably in the sectors of renewable energy, biopharmaceutical and tourism industry.

In the morning session will be held a business forum organized by the Bureau of trade development, which will be new business opportunities provided by the law 118 foreign investment, approved by the Cuban Parliament and put into force last June.

Customs, labor and tax regulations which provides special development Mariel zone to attract foreign capital will occupy the attention of participants to the Forum, as well as also presentations on the portfolio available today in the biopharmaceutical industry, renewable energy and tourism for the establishment of business with Cuba.

The program also includes a seminar organized by the China investment promotion agency where they will take part representatives of the companies Chinalight National Light Industrial Products IMP. & Exp. Corporation, and CITIC International Co.

The important Chinese delegation will hold tours of sites of economic interest with Cuban authorities, opportunity to learn first-hand the opportunities that are opening the largest of the Antilles for foreign investors.

After more of half a century of diplomatic relations, China and Cuba look for to invigorate their economic ties, whose commercial interchange grew a 25% in 2013 with respect to the previous period. An interest endorsed by the policy that drives the Asian giant towards integration with Latin America, especially its support to the Member States of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States.

In interview of Chinese agency Xinhua to the Cuban ambassador in the Asian country, Alberto J. Blanco Silva, the diplomat stressed that the upcoming State visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping to Cuba will open a new stage of comprehensive development of bilateral relations.

“It is an occasion so conducive for bilateral relations in the medium term with all its potential, as well as share common objectives and goals”, said the official, recalling that China is the second largest partner of Cuba since 2005, while the island is the largest partner of the Asian country in the Caribbean region, which coincides with the impetuous advance who have experienced linkages”.

It is the second Latin American tour of Chinese President after the one held in May last year, which led to Xi’an to Trinidad and Tobago, Costa Rica and Mexico.

According to Blanco, quoted by Xinhua, the Chinese investment projects on the Caribbean island are slowly advancing by several factors, but a large number of Chinese companies have expressed their interest in promoting investment in Cuba which largely coincides with the point of view of Chinese scholars.

Biotechnology and the pharmaceutical industry, renewable energy, agricultural-food industry, that of packaging and telecommunications and information technology are the sectors of greatest interest and with greater opportunities to develop joint ventures between the two sides.

In just a couple of weeks will be the visit of Chinese dignitary to Cuba of the journey undertaken by Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, who also expressed interest in re launching relations with Cuba to a new stage.

From The Red square to the wall of China… no doubt, Cuba writes a new chapter in its ties with the world, marked today by the thrust of the emerging economies.
– See more at: http://www.cubacontemporanea.com/en/news/enterprise-mission-china-search-business-cuba#sthash.MED6rgfD.dpuf,


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