To Nadine Gordimer

Nadine Gordimer

Homage from the Five to South Africa’s Nobel Prize Laureate

She fought against the hateful South African Apartheid together with Cubans, siding with the victims when the complicity of the powerful nations of the time favored their assailants. She supported Cuba when the forecasters bet on our defeat and favored the victory of infamy. She joined the line of good people when a sense of shame brought them to fight for the freedom of the Five. She challenged the cruelty of the empire in times of elated revenge. She accompanied us and was always ready to add her name to the increasing list of those who call to end the torment imposed on us and our families by a corrupt legal system.

She was fair. She was humane. She was great. That is why she has the respect and admiration of the Five, our loved ones and the entire Cuban people.

Nadine Gordimer has passed away. She shall live forever with the peace of these who are just. Immortal and tireless.

Gerardo Hernández Nordelo
Ramón Labañino Salazar
Antonio Guerrero Rodríguez
Fernando González llort
René González Sehwerert

July 15th, 2014.

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