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U.S.-Cuba Relations Could Advance in Panama

June 30, 2014


According to media reports, a high-profile delegation from the United States will attend the inauguration of Panamanian President-elect Juan Carlos Varela on July 1. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs Roberta Jacobson, Ambassador to Panama Jonathan Farrar and Massachusetts state Gov. Deval Patrick will attend. Although political delegations to presidential inaugurations are routine, the likely presence of a Cuban delegation at the event provides the opportunity for contact between Cuban and U.S. diplomats. The inclusion of a high-ranking official like Kerry suggests that substantive talks between Cuba and the United States may occur at the event. Such talks would almost certainly discuss the political negotiations with Cuba proposed by U.S. President Barack Obama.

The likelihood of such interaction has increased since the United States made clear its intention to explore the possibility of improving political relations with Cuba. The United States indirectly…

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Cuba Maintains U.S. Embargo Is Harsh Financial Persecution

June 30, 2014



An NPR team spent last week in Cuba. This week, we are in Miami. It has given us a glimpse of both sides of one of the most enduring diplomatic standoffs. While in Cuba, we met up with the veteran diplomat who is Havana’s point person in that standoff. Her name is Josephina Vidal. She’s director of U.S. relations for the Cuban government. We were brought into a small sitting room just off the lobby in the Foreign Ministry to chat. And I began by asking Vidal about President Obama and Raul Castro greeting each other at Nelson Mandela’s funeral back in December. Was it more than just a handshake?

JOSEPHINA VIDAL: This is what educated civilized people normally do, even though we haven’t had diplomatic trade and normal relations for more than 50 years now.

GREENE: As far as we know, the two governments aren’t even…

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British Magazine Publishes Cuban Studies on Ataxia

June 30, 2014


The prestigious British scientific magazine The Lancet Neurology, published in its June edition the results of Cuban research works referred to ataxia, a hereditary disease that concentrates the largest amount of Cuban patients in eastern Holguin province.

Roberto Rodriguez, a specialist with the Center for the Research and Rehabilitation of Hereditary  Ataxias (CIRAH), told ACN that research made it possible to diagnose symptoms like painful muscular contractions and reflex changes in patients who are carriers of the gene of Ataxia Espinocerebelosa type 2 (SCA2).

This result, pointed out the scientist, will allow for the development of rehab therapies in early stages of the disease, in which neurological damage are less, something that will increase the quality of life of patients.

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Resumen semanal de la campaña internacional de solidaridad con #LosCinco

June 29, 2014

Jóvenes por los 5

No. 6, del 21 al 27 de junio de 2014

Por Waldo Barrera Martínez

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July letter for Mr Obama

June 28, 2014

_1-Correo para Obama.Autor Adán-g

 Mr President Obama July first, 2014
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue N.W.
Washington DC 20500

Mr President,

Your fellow countryman Bowe Bergdahl was liberated Saturday May 31st in exchange for five former high Taliban officials, held in Guantanamo.
It is inadmissible that you have not yet taken measures to liberate the three Cubans Gerardo Hernández, Antonio Guerrero, and Ramón Labañino who were, on the contrary, fighting against the terrorism that your country is practicing towards their island.
Cuba proposed to you a humanitarian exchange with your fellow countryman Alan Gross and you have still not responded favorably to its demand. Does this mean that the Taliban government seems to you to be the sort of people one can associate with, more so than the Cuban Government? It’s true that you have included Cuba on the list of countries supporting terrorism, whereas Qatar, the real sponsor for the jihadist groups, is not on it…
Do you know the fable by Jean de La Fontaine, “The Wolf and the Lamb”, in the United States?
Gerardo Hernández, the most heavily condemned of the three, has been condemned to two life prison sentences plus fifteen years. He is accused of “conspiring of attempting to commit murder” in the case of the two BTTR (Brothers to the Rescue) small planes shot down on February 24th 1996 under Cuban government orders. You know very well, Mister President, that this heavy charge attributed to Gerardo Hernández is a gross frame-up.
According to the indictment against Gerardo Hernández, the FBI was aware since 1994 of his mission to infiltrate Mafia terrorist organizations in Miami. If there had been the slightest suspicion against him concerning the BTTR planes tragedy, he would have been, without the least doubt, arrested in 1996. No one has ever been able to produce the least proof of his guilt; the prosecutor himself had demanded that the charge be taken out of Gerardo Hernández’s dossier, recognizing that it was impossible to prove.
However, as I recalled to you in my last letter, Hector Pesquera, the FBI official in charge of South Florida, had declared on January 22nd 2003 in a Radio Marti broadcast concerning the Avispa network for which Gerardo Hernández was the head, “I came here in May 1998. I was made aware of the situation. We then started to place emphasis on the fact that this investigation should not be only on questions of intelligence. The nature of this case must be transformed into a criminal investigation.” It is clear that, by hook or by crook, Gerardo Hernández had to have a crime tacked onto him.
This lamentable tragedy of the small planes would never have happened, and the young pilots would still be living, had the BTTR organization respected numerous warnings emitted by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) on the risks that the BTTR was taking by violating time and again Cuban airspace, going as far as flying over Havana to drop thousands of tracts.
Even though he had nothing to do with this affair, but seeing as he has been credited with being partly responsible, the least you could do in the way of justice towards Gerardo Hernández would be to find out if the Cuban government was in its rights shooting down these two small planes, no matter one’s opinions on this act. Cuban radar systems indicated that they were flying over Cuban territorial waters, whereas the United States government asserts that they were in international airspace.
This object of contention could be easily cleared up by declassifying the documents concerning the tragedy, so as to check the satellite photos that your government is holding. Gerardo’s lawyers have demanded this several times, just as did Peter Schey, lawyer and president of the Los Angeles Human and Constitutional Rights Center, on March 5th 2013.
Sadly, the different United States administrations have, every time, rejected this demand, and you have done nothing, so far, to break the deadlock on this situation, Mister President. It is absurd to take into count the parole of the prosecution’s witness Bjorn Johansen, who was working as a pilot for the “Majesty of the Seas”, to localize the exact place where the planes went down. This localisation is not reliable, first because it was founded on human observation, and also because his objectivity is contestable. Bjorn Johansen was working at the time for the « Caribbean Cruises » shipping company that was financially supporting the FNCA (Féderation Nationale Cubano-Américaine), and his second in command on the ship was Peter G. Whelpton, a member of this same FNCA.
This FNCA organization is obsessed with overthrowing the Cuban government. In 1992, it set up a clandestine structure, the “paramilitary commission”, secretly charged to organize terrorist actions. It has been recognized as being behind most of the terrorist attacks against Cuba that took place between 1990 and 1998 – the exact same terrorist attacks for which the Cuban Five came to Miami to infiltrate the terrorist groups!
Mister President, don’t you think that it’s high time to put an end to the injustice done since almost sixteen years now to the Cuban Five, by freeing the three who are still behind bars in your country? A humanitarian exchange with Alan Gross is a line being thrown to you; be wise enough to catch it, for the good of your country.
Please receive, Mr. President, the expression of my most sincere humanitarian sentiments.

Jacqueline Roussie
64360 Monein (France)

translated by William Peterson

Copies sent to: Mrs. Michelle Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Kathryn Ruemmler, Janet Napolitano, to Mr. Joe Biden, John F. Kerry, Harry Reid, Eric Holder, Neil Eggleston, Rick Scott and to Charles Rivkin, ambassador for the United States in France.

Destabiliziation in Latin America

June 27, 2014


ZunZuneo and the U.S. Policy
Destabiliziation in Latin America
by Matt Peppe

News from the AP about the U.S. government’s secret project to create a Cuban Twitter or “ZunZuneo,” to be used for disseminating propaganda and fomenting unrest in Cuba, spurring young people in that country to overthrow their government, comes as no surprise to anyone with even the most cursory understanding of U.S. policy in Cuba and Latin America in general. It is but a tiny part of a 55-year-old, completely unprovoked, genocidal policy against a nation whose only offense is failing to subordinate itself to the will of the U.S. government.

ZunZuneo was initiated and run by the ostensibly “humanitarian” U.S. Agency for International Development through a series of shell corporations which were not supposed to be traced back to the government. The project is typical of the type of subversion and interference with another nation that the U.S. government has always felt entitled to undertake, regardless of the principles of sovereignty and self-determination fundamental to international law.

Due to Cuba’s successful revolution in 1959 and their ongoing ability to resist U.S. subversion of their socioeconomic system, U.S. actions against the tiny nation in the Carribean have been harsher than any other victim who fails to recognize the U.S. as its rightful master. Early destabilization efforts included a vicious campaign of terrorism against Cuba, part of a massive CIA effort that later evolved into a policy of providing safe haven to terrorist exile groups and looking the other way as they violate the U.S. Neutrality Act and international law.

The largest act of subversion is, of course, the blockade, euphemistically known in the U.S. as an “embargo.” The U.S. blockade against Cuba has now lasted more than a half century as a punishment for Cuba achieving self-determination. The blockade is an act of warfare, as it is based on the Trading with the Enemy Act of 1917 (TWEA), which is only applicable during times of war. The blockade has been expanded and strengthened over the years with various violations of international law such as the Helms-Burton Act and the Torricelli Act. The policy of the U.S. blockade has been found to be an illegal violation of international law for 22 straight years by 99% of the world’s nations, who have demanded its end.

The attempted subversion of a country’s political system is not unique to U.S. actions against Cuba, nor is it unique to USAID. Other U.S. government agencies, such as the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), have long carried out similar actions. Such organizations purport to be apolitical groups for “democratic” promotion but are in reality nothing more than fronts, essentially political action committees (PACs). Due to the concealment of their purpose, they are more like political slush funds used to advanced the perceived interest of the United States.

Of course, they are not used to promote American “values” or “humanitarian principles” with abstract names like “freedom” and “democracy”, but the interests of the corporate sector eager to seek new investment opportunities outside their own country and control over the resources that they refuse to recognize as the property of local populations.

For example, over the last 15 years in Venezuela the U.S. spent $90 million funding opposition groups, including $5 million in the current federal budget. During this time, since Hugo Chavez first assumed office, his revolutionary party has won 18 elections and lost only 1. The margins of victory during Chavez’s tenure reached higher than 20%. After his death, his hand-picked successor Nicolás Maduro won by a margin of 1.6% in 2012. This is a very narrow margin, to be sure, but as Dan Kovalik points out it is a margin of victory larger than JFK’s victory over Richard Nixon and certainly larger than George Bush’s victory over Al Gore. Bush actually lost the popular vote but was declared the winner by the Supreme Court in an instance of political mettling that would be hard to imagine in any other democracy in the world.

Despite the success of the Chavista party, the opposition, aided and abetted by the U.S. government, has tried to portray the elections as “questionable” or “illegitimate”. Secretary of State John Kerry led the way by calling for a recount, encouraging the opposition to challenge the results of the election and refuse to concede.
“Washington’s efforts to de-legitimise the election mark a significant escalation of US efforts at regime change in Venezuela,” wrote Mark Weisbrot. “Not since its involvement in the 2002 military coup has the US government done this much to promote open conflict in Venezuela… It amounted to telling the government of Venezuela what was necessary to make their elections legitimate.”
In fact, international organizations monitoring the Venezuelan Presidential vote attested to the “fair and transparent” election process and former President Jimmy Carter called the country’s electoral system “the best in the world.”
The U.S. government has also refused to recognize the vast advances social progress made under the current government. Under Chavez, the country drastically reduced poverty, especially extreme poverty, with the latter falling from 23.4% in 1999 to 8.5% in 2011. As the government has put its massive revenues from oil sales to use to provide universal education and health care for all Venezuela’s citizens, people traditionally shut out of the country’s economic gains have benefited tremendously. Venezuela has gone from one of the highest rates of income inequality in Latin America to the lowest, a truly Herculean accomplishment.
Yet this does not even factor into the U.S.’s policy toward Venezuela. As a cable published by Wikileaks from 2006 demonstrates, the U.S. policy of destabilization and regime change against Hugo Chavez was pursued until his death. Now, with the perceived weakness of Maduro and the propaganda value of violent street protests portrayed in the international media as a “student movement”, it seems that Kerry is like a shark who smells blood in the water when he slanderously proclaims a “terror campaign” and foments further unrest.
U.S. government officials must feel frustrated at their inability to project their will for Venezuela to be subservient to the United States. After all, it has proved much easier in countries such as Honduras to oust a democratically elected President as happened with Manuel Zelaya.
“Zelaya was initiating such dangerous measures as a rise in minimum wage in a country where 60 percent live in poverty. He had to go,” wrote Noam Chomsky, who goes on to note that the U.S. virtually alone in the world in recognizing the “elections” later held under military rule of Pepe Lobo. “The endorsement also preserved the use of Honduras’ Palmerola air base, increasingly valuable as the U.S. military is being driven out of most of Latin America.”
Unsurprisingly, four years after the coup a Center for Economic and Policy Research report finds that “much of the economic and social progress experienced from 2006 – 2009 has been reversed in the years since,” with “economic inequality in Honduras” rising “dramatically.”
The next success of Obama’s administration in Latin America was the coup in Paraguay, in which the right-wing, elite opposition was able to drive democratically-elected Fernando Lugo from the Presidency and thus stop his program of promoting land rights for a long-oppressed peasant population.
“The United States promotes the interests of the wealthy of these mostly-poor countries, and in turn, these elite-run countries are obedient to the pro-corporate foreign policy of the United States,” writes Shamus Cooke.
There was also the coup last year against the progressive former mayor of Bogotá, Colombia, Gustavo Petro. His supposed abuse of power was de-privatizing garbage collection in the capital city, which allegedly harmed the “freedom of free enterprise.” The anti-democratic actions in Colombia, a beneficiary of an enormous amount of U.S. aid, have not affected the U.S. policy toward the nation. Kovalik notes that the actions taken against Petro are part of a much larger pattern.
“While the press, as well as the U.S. government, will not acknowledge it, the elimination of progressive political leaders by coup d’ état is taking place in Latin America with increasing frequency,” Kovalik writes.
Of course this is part of long-standing U.S. policy that has destroyed democracies in countries such as Guatemala, Chile, Brazil, Argentina and many other nations since the end of WWII alone. The anti-democratic measures enabled and supported by the U.S. have taken decades to recover from, if the nations victimized have been able to recover at all.
Media reporting of the story has tended to downplay or apologize for the Cuban Twitter program by stressing the U.S. government denials that it was meant to overthrow the government, or it was beneficial in allowing Cubans to communicate with each other.
Not surprisingly, Cubans themselves do not see it this way. They understandably do not appreciate an underhanded attempt to collect their personal data or to use them as pawns in a political game.
This should be a reasonable position for any American to understand. Would you support China or Russia setting up a social network meant to overthrow your government to impose one more to their liking? Certainly not. The plot in the fictitious House of Cards of infiltration of the U.S. political process by foreign money probably seems shocking to the average American. In this country, it is a crime for foreign countries or nationals to influence democracy and domestic affairs through political contributions.In reality, this is exactly what the U.S. government has carried out in foreign countries for decades. ZunZuneo is demonstrable proof they continue to do so to this day. ZunZuneo is not just a case of USAID and the U.S. government getting caught with their hand in the cookie jar. It is part of an ongoing assault against sovereignty and self-determination of any country who opposes U.S. foreign policy. People of these countries are just as smart, capable, and deserving of a government independent of outside interference as U.S. citizens are.By simply recognizing that their government has no business in determining another country’s political affairs, and demanding that their government stop spending their tax dollars to do so, U.S. citizens could do more to advance democracy and the ideals their country claims to stand for than the U.S. government has ever done.

Matt Peppe holds a master’s degree in Public Administration from the Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy at SUNY Albany and a bachelor’s degree in English and American Literature from NYU. His writing about U.S. foreign policy and Latin America has appeared in Countercurrents, La Respuesta Magazine and other outlets. You can read his blog or follow him on twitter.,

Visiting Antonio in Marianna Prison

June 25, 2014

by Margaret L. Becker
June 23, 2014

Antonio said something like it himself and I had felt it again, the phenomenon of the vanishing, even obliteration of time spent apart between people with a certain connection of heart and mind (some might say “soul) which transcends time when they meet again.

Maggie & Tony

It had been four years since I last saw Tony at the maximum security Penitentiary in Colorado. So much life had whizzed by in the interim including a move for myself to St. Petersburg, Florida and Antonio to a medium security prison allowed by the remedy of less draconian sentence guidelines, to Marianna, Florida.

For me, the former visit had been a solo trek from the Florida Keys to Atlanta to Colorado Springs to Palmer Lake (where friends of the Five kindly put me up) and then finally to the rocky desert outpost of the Florence prison metropolis. And so it happened again on this visit to Marianna, that feeling of no time passing. This time I was accompanied by my sister, Joan, her husband Lou, and our brother, Richard who traveled from Seattle, Washington and Oakland, California. It was maybe the second day Antonio said that he felt like he knew Rich, Joan and Lou much more than the time spent between them would suggest. Time flew. Each day we were shocked when the six hours allotted to the visit came to an end.

The first thing everyone noticed was how well he looked (Lou compared seeing him now to many of the photos he had received copies of over the years in Antonio’s holiday letters). If not the most perfect physical health (as the ravages of so stressful an ordeal necessarily etch their mark), Antonio radiated a health more firmly in his own hands, even as the 16 prison years accrue. We are healthy, first, because we believe ourselves to be and act accordingly. The quality of energy Tony projected towards us in his animated, generous sharing of significant threads of his journey was a delight to see and hear. As he spoke to us, gestures and humor, marks of his youthful personality shone through and he seemed even more “himself” to me, more relaxed and at peace than in previous visits, though he has always been positive thinking and strong and clear of mind.

He began with details of the arrest on September 12,1998 and fleshed out details of life in Miami prior to coming to the Keys and those early days in the Keys in which chance or synchronicity and friendships forged led to various jobs he undertook. With each step, even through horrors and stress of isolation, cruel treatment and blanket injustice, Tony remains true to his cause and himself. I see his journey as the journey of a hero in the classic sense of the word (which we all may encounter in our own lives). He is to me, the peaceful warrior (guerrero) brave and true of heart, purposeful and idealistic, who fights the dragon which is ultimately one’s own fear. In the end, the goal (on-going) is to heal, to make whole (and more beautiful), ourselves and the world.

Antonio described the conditions of the SHU, of the trial, the sentencing, the appeal, Leonard Weinglass and the lawyers who preceded him, the transfer via Oklahoma, the crippling black box which surrounds handcuffs during transport, the early days in Florence, the re-sentencing hearing. We talked politics and of the case as it stands now, of Rene, Gerardo, Ramon and Fernando, and of Cuba in the present moment. Tony offers his philosophy of politics and life. We ask about his view of the situation in the Ukraine and hear news of Manuel and many other friends and family members.

For a change of focus we play cards, which seem to be the only game available at the front desk. We all join in a spirited match of Casino which both my “card shark” brother Rich and I learned at a young age from our grandfather, Elias… and on another day, some rounds of Hearts which Rich taught us on the spot. We hear about the project of the book on chess in prison and the many connections made with student chess enthusiasts and their teacher.

Due to the random absence of a cheese cake in the vending machine we celebrated my brother’s birthday, Monday June 9th, with five Reese’s peanut butter cups arranged like a cake with pretzel sticks as candles. Earlier in the visitors waiting area, a Mother and her two children sang Happy Birthday to him in Cherokee and an older man of a couple from California offered his rendition of an alternate Happy Birthday in English. We join with Antonio to sing Cumpleanos Feliz.

And then Antonio talks of art. It is a joy to see the artist that Antonio has evolved into by nature of so many elements converging, primarily his love and dedication. I know his drawings and calligraphy which lead to colored pencil, then pastels, then water colors, then oils, like his poems were produced to give what he could of himself to others as much as to survive, even thrive. He spoke of the decision not to exchange art for money in the early days of becoming proficient in portrait making, a decision congruent with Antonio’s true nature. After the last visit on Monday, we drove to the nearby modern Jackson County Health Department building and viewed Tony’s painting [above] of the man bending over to hold the hand of the little girl who wraps her arms around his leg. It hangs in the conference room adjacent to the Director’s office.

For all of us it was a truly significant and inspiring visit with Antonio and clearly the highlight of my family’s trip “out east.”


¿Mensajes entre Washington, Montevideo y La Habana? ¿A quién esperamos los cubanos?

June 24, 2014

La pupila insomne

Iroel Sánchez

Mujica en la Casa Blanca Mujica en la Casa Blanca

Un amigo mío está muy entusiasmado con la más reciente noticia procedente de Estados Unidos sobre Cuba. “En cualquier momento las televisiones de Cuba y EE.UU. interrumpen su programación y anuncian que el Air Force One aterrizó en La Habana con el Vicepresidente Joe Biden a bordo para iniciar conversaciones con el gobierno cubano”, me dice provocándome una gran carcajada.

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La responsabilidad por el caso de Alan Gross es del gobierno de los Estados Unidos, dice Fernando González, uno de los Cinco.

June 24, 2014

La esquina de Lilith

fernandoengtmo7_3024288El Héroe de la República de Cuba, Fernando González Llort, dijo en Guantánamo que la libertad de Alan Gross está en las manos de Los Estados Unidos, a propósito de las recientes declaraciones del Ministerio del Exterior de Cuba ante la muerte de la madre del norteamericano que cumple una sanción de privación de libertad desde el 2009.

“La suya es una situación muy dolorosa que no le deseo a nadie y sabemos que debe estar pasando momentos difíciles desde el punto de vista personal, pero la responsabilidad de que no pueda viajar a ver a su madre es totalmente del gobierno norteamericano, al cual le ha faltado voluntad política para terminar este conflicto” –recalcó.

“Porque el señor Gross sabe que estaba trabajando al servicio del gobierno de Los Estados Unidos, no importa si era a través de una agencia o contratistas privados, de modo que la responsabilidad de que…

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Open Letter on Cuba written to John D. Rockefeller

June 21, 2014


By: Pablo González Casanova

“Read by the author in the Forum “The Cuban 5 imprisoned in the United
States: a blatant outrage of law and justice”, delivered in the Casa
Lamm, Mexico on June 16, 2014.

We have carefully read the request to President Obama. We are
surprised by the sudden change of policy toward this small island and
its great people. For more than fifty years you have made open and
covert measures that will fail in your Project of Independence and
Freedom. Today you see the possibility of achieving, with different
policies the same objectives of before and intent of applying them
with the same emotion you employ in “defense of your values and
The measures you expound reveal, however, many errors and self-deceit
by believing (and some believe) that you are going to boost “economic
independence of Cuba” with “individual rights” and “human rights” when
in reality it is about a country that you have not been able to
conquer in spite of terrible pressures and open and covert actions
against it and the unspeakable blockade for more than half a century
that you have imposed.

Don’t you have eyes and can’t you see? Do you have ears and don’t
hear. Everyone knows that in Cuba all children and young people of
school age have schools, universities and institutes. All medically
ill have medicines and hospitals. All workers have jobs and the
elderly receive assistance…It is true that I use here the word “all”
as defined by García Márquez as 80% or more of the population, or much
more with limitations that Cubans assume the practice that you have
not achieved with good intentions.

But, in the midst of pressures and blockade, much has been achieved
and high level scientific research institutions, of world class, as
well as hospital services as good and so many friends of the U.S.
people who cured the firefighters wounded on “September 11” that your
hospitals did not attend and who Michael Moore took them to public
hospitals in Cuba.

What’s, more. Do you know that in this country of Our America that
inhabitants receive free benefits that reach higher proportions than
in the United States, Canada, England and the European Union? Our
achievements were made with modest resources but stubbornly seeking to
reach as many as possible and much can be done.

Your offers of “humanitarian aid”, “national security”, “prohibition
of drugs and environment” you well know of the inhuman failures where
you have tried to apply them in whole countries such as Afghanistan,
Iraq, Haiti, Southern Sudan, Nigeria, Libya and others. Or whole
continents such as Africa, the Middle East, Latin America whose
populations – a large majority or all – are immersed in the so called
“war of complete spectrum” that your strategists design that increases
hatred, confrontations and despair of huge population who have no
human rights, live and die in conditions worse than animals, hunger
and disease, famine and even bones showing through and the surprise of
seeing them with sunken eyes, the look of lost children, without
brightness, that skin wrinkled stuck to the bones. It hurts to see
them in the television and imagine how they live from day to day,
minute to minute, how they grow in the midst of hunger and terror,
without water or roofs over their heads, with no chance of work that
is not servile or slave, exhausting, risky or unhealthy among offenses
of the white foremen, military or paramilitary that with other
bandits, murderers and fanatic sadists very well armed and supplied
for the glory of the arms industry, with the fright of children,
adults and elderly, victims and candidates of the policy of growing
ethnic cleansing and genocide constantly supported by the “neo
conservatives” and by the “extreme rightwing” impassioned by
xenophobia, visual repugnance and racism of the global world that you

In the midst of so inhuman events, confirmed by the “media” and even
the intimate looks of your own children – with some who are prepared
as successors with the same ferocity and others who protest and rebel
with admirable strength – you add the error of believing that in this
invincible Cuba after fifty years of blockade you can separate and
even confront “civil society” against” its government. Are you unable
to imagine governments that are not corporations or of bureaucrats.

But in Cuba, people and government are fused to soldiers so closely –
to such a high proportion that there are no groups of adventurous
“contras” that have been able to achieve success for such a long time
with your terrorist and subversive actions.

The “people’s government” of Cuba is a democratic phenomenon that if
you understood it would cause you horror since, in fact – as written
by David Brooks – democracy is what you fear most while enclosed in
the true sense of the Greek etymology that corresponds to the
definition that in practice a people who make great decisions and
observe the achievement of its goals organizes like a
people-government with the most varied collectives and most varied
structures; some coordinated and others hierarchical, all to achieve
in each task the objectives.

The organization and democratic practices in Cuba are very different
to the governments of corporation since large and small structures
value the dominant interests bonded to Independence and Freedom. All,
of course, in the midst of contradictions, errors and weakness
–smaller or larger – that the enemies of the Cuban process seek to
increase expressing concern for the flaws that they or their sponsors
stir up.

Think well and you will clearly understand that your large triumphs in
the world have not occurred in Cuba. Look sharply into your political
conscience that the Cubans have managed to survive in their
emancipating project precisely through the kind of democracy that the
inhabitants of Cuba have redefined, both in the creation and practice
of its organizations. Creation and practice covers an immense
population with thousands of cadres whose conscience, will and bravery
include discipline of their convictions; they do not surrender or sell

Also such a small effort in the great homeland does not slacken and
confronts – as we have said – these contradictions that interest you
so much and, also, the recently recognized precision and admirable
clarity of Mr. Warren Buffet, the third wealthiest millionaire of the
United States of North America when he said “Undoubtedly there is a
class war and it is in my class – the wealthy – the one that is

The fight continues and you – as signatories of the open letter to
President Obama on Cuba. I repeat: the Class struggle continues and I
confess that they are doing it very well, as possible, for now they
want to change the war in the good way since they did not win in the
bad way. In their proposal to President Obama they ask him to change
the policy of blockade, of sanctions, prohibitions of the United
States applied against Cuba for fifty years. They affirm that “The
United States can help the Cuban people to determine their own future…
they can empower the people; they can “strengthen the side spectrum of
an independent civil society” and the organizations created to boost
individual economy and the social necessities regardless of political

In their open letter to President Obama the shameless propose a
“radical change” in view of the policy followed by the United States
in its relations with Cuba that has left the United States
increasingly alone internationally. “It is the opportunity for a
change – they say – of helping the Cuban people, the civil society of
Cuba, the opportunity to increase trade with “independent companies”
but “of helping and legalizing the use of credit cards:, of promoting
“imports and exports of articles and services”, and NGOs to support
small farmers”, and also support, of course, the small companies and
even micro companies…”

Several times – I don’t know how many – you insist on the need to
promote several projects of telecommunications and refer to several
forms of cooperation of the NGOs with Cuban academic institutions
through funds for education, scholarships for outstanding students and
travel funds. In this instant the necessary authorization is required
for those who travel to Cuba or who have families in Cuba that can use
the credit cards and other U.S. banking services as well as open
accounts in U.S. banks or send remittances to their families or offer
professional services to “independent business persons”…

Of course, at the same time, they insist that you in the United States
government be committed with the people of Cuba and, simultaneously
fulfill the duty of continue applying pressure on the Cuban government
regarding human rights. The government should give priority – they add
to President Obama – to promote compromises in areas of “mutual
interest and hold serious talks with their Cuban counterparts in
issues of mutual security and humanitarian responsibilities”. Here
they mention the liberation of a prisoner.

For any well informed reader, such as Mr. Warren Buffet, the whole
message to which we refer seeks to continue winning the class struggle
in Cuba. Their undeniable sagacity consists of granting privileges for
individual interests, of groups, ideology confronting the interests of
the national community in a country where people-government of the
large majority are building a transition for a viable world since the
one we live in is in the process of destruction by that 1% to which
you belong, a process that the young people of the United States and
the whole world are going to suffer and confront, threats such as this
in their immediate future by a sick and hegemonic project of
accumulation of power and wealth at the cost of the misery of the
immense majority of humanity and the growing danger for the life of
all humanity, and the situation of danger confirmed by the very “think
tanks” of Harvard, MIT, Institute of Santa Fe and many scientific
organizations of the world that include the United Nations, the
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and much more rigorously and
with scientific responsibility, in addition to the climate change, the
growth of the ozone hole – that just seems to be contained – and many
more dangers that include pollution of the seas and of drinking water;
the destruction of the land and sub soils; of the forests, vegetables
and sea and land fauna and even the whole biosphere.
As the experts tell us there is danger of many irreversible damages
and insist that these are increasing and as time passes it become more
difficult to contain them. Important scientific journals in the United
States and the World warn that these concerns are not merely alleged
apocalyptic beliefs nor alleged errors or opinions of some specialists
nor mere manipulation of tricky scientific data that are being
accused, without the least basis, by a group of British scientists for
having mentioned the “anthropogenic” character of the climate change
that threatens the planet. Such rash accusations were denied by the
large scientific journals of your own country and of the world. The
danger and other threats against the Earth are anthropogenic. For the
first time in the history of the solar system man is capable of
destroying the earth. Man only thinks of improving the quality and
number of nuclear bombs and launch systems with their lethal capacity,
precision and reach that add irresponsibility in the game played by
the large powers that threaten war.

Well…it is possible that you may win the class strugglers that this
could be a pyrrhic victory if we destroy the movements that are
battling to construct life such as the government-people of Cuba and
many others that from farming communities and lost cities are building
a transition for another possible and self-sustaining world.

With my best wishes I tell you. Stop the Freudian disqualifications
and denials. Encourage the men who have confirmed the truth, Pay
attention to the truth and think on your own that the democracy of
corporations and groups is already unsustainable, that the
organization of the world by business – military – political – media
complexes whose most powerful boost is the “maximization of goods and
wealth” moving into the terminal “transition phase”, “entropic” that
is necessary to boost the transition of a system whose principal
impulse is freedom and life.

On this road you will see that the people-government of Cuba is a
pioneer; and the cyberspace from Wall Street to Washington D.C. fight
for your own children. All, absolutely all, seek peaceful roads and
continue, under new forms, the old battle of rebels for peace and for
life to move through a viable, really human world…

To know and recognized them is to respect them and begin to honor your
planet, something we also demand of Mrs. Hillary Clinton who has begun
to organize her campaign for the presidency of the government of the
United States and perhaps honor her word for a government she aspires
as well as that of her husband, demanding the immediate release of the
three young men still imprisoned in U.S. jails – Gerardo Hernández,
Ramón Labañino y Antonio Guerrero – who according to former president
Clinton were part of a group to reveal the terrorist plans of Cuban
Americans terrorists based in Miami.

The class struggle continues, the struggle for independence and
autonomy of the peoples continues as well as the struggle to redefine
actions of freedom, justice and democracy. None will stop. Only
today’s world of human beings must begin to recover the use of the
word for the transition for peace and life.

Bring to life the word that honors with actions… Make – to start
something that seems to be small and will be great. Ask President
Obama to free the three Cuban heroes imprisoned. Begin a new history
of the word with actions such as these that force changes in the world
where there is only a class struggle but also a struggle for life, the
life of 99% and also 1% of humanity and our descendant’s.

Think again that at the beginning of the world this word will be there.

Glory to life and liberty.

Glory to the people of the United States and Cuba.

Long Live Humanity and transition for a more viable, possible and
necessary world.

Thank you for your attention.


Pablo González Casanova
Universtiy profesor

Translation by the Network in Defense of Humanity

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