Yoani Sanchez’s Funny Interview to Joe Biden


Written by M. H. Lagarde

I haven’t written anything about blogger Yoani Sanchez’s much trumpeted 14ymedio daily because ‘half’ always sounded ‘half humorous’ to me, especially after reading that joke in the manner of a presentation where the blogger –who years ago used to visit the United States Interests Section (USINT) furtively and now travels as a tourist to the White House–, stated that the so-called independent online outlet wouldn’t have ideological or political commitment whatsoever.

A week later, my expectations have been exceeded. 14ymedio no longer seems half humorous but humorous and a half. The last joke of the blogger appeared in an interview with US Vice President Joe Biden, who Yoani Sanchez asks whether it is true that U.S. is going to invade Cuba.

“I can give you the simplest of answers and the answer is no. As President Obama stated”, said the vice president sharply.

Because of their ingenuousness, both the question and the answer make one laugh.

It would have been much more interesting and newsworthy that US Vice President Joe Biden had answered something like that:

Yes, of course we will invade Cuba, but once again we’re waiting for the ripe fruit. Therefore we have invented mercenaries like you, who firstly should demonize Cuba in the media with an editorial policy issued by our intelligence services. It’s about repeating in Cuba the outline of color revolutions in which our predecessor George W. Bush achieved so much success in the former Soviet republics. We also have the Syrian or Libyan case as variants, or the experiment we’re carrying out in Venezuela right now. Remember my dear mercenary Yoani that we’re heirs to a history of honesty like that Adlai Stevenson boasted, when he cynically denied before OAS that United States backed the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba or when General Colin Powell justified the war on Iraq at UN.

It appears that in the vast stream of media war against Cuba the independent blogger’s humorous and a half outlet will only contribute this kind of funny interviews with senior officials from the US government.

The next interviewee could well be the director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), who the now journalist most likely asks whether what Castro’s propaganda says that she’s a CIA agent is true or not.

Now you can figure out Mr Brennan’s answer.

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