The Zunzuneo scandal


by Sean Joseph Clancy

The Zunzuneo scandal, which has many very serious and potentially
catastrophic implications, is representative of a far more brutal
business than the words Tweet, Twitter and Zunzun (hummingbird) would
generally evoke.

There are hundreds of thousands of displaced, distraught and bereft
parents, children, brothers, sisters, friends and spouses today from
“smart-mob” SMS initiatives which were initiated in places somewhat
more vulnerable to political manipulation and abuse.

These projects are intended only to provoke blood-shed and disorder in
the interest of profiteering and they are by nature and necessity
covert as opposed to discreet. They are the means to the end of
falsified mass and social media reports, interventions and support for
mercenary “opposition actions”, externally imposed regimes hostile to
the common-good but friendly to imperialist controlled enterprises.

As the administrations of certain nations make brave and sincere
efforts to create the better world we know is not an impossible dream,
by removing citizens from the misery and indignity of poverty and
marginalization, desensitised, greedy and blood lustful (because
tragically blood- letting is now the very oxygen the imperialist
economy needs to breathe) vested US interests and power-mongers
provoke chaos and havoc to ensure that the ship call Status Quo does
not enter troubled waters.

Deep insult is added to grievous injury and death when such criminal
barbarity is veiled in language it is truly alien from in fact; words
like freedom, democracy, security, civilization and peace come sadly
to mind.

The brutal, vengeful, inhuman and cruel hypocrisy of the arrests,
sentencing and continued incarceration of three remaining innocent
heroic and exemplary Cuban contra-terror activists in US prisons are
further highlighted by the subversive US intervention in the sovereign
affairs of Cuba, as they were by the Snowden revelations and are in
some shape or form every day.

The absolute importance of their mission, the lives undoubtedly saved
and the inspiring integrity and righteousness of their patriotism
prior to undertaking active service, during the mission, arrests,
detention for 17 months in solitary and torturous conditions, their
mock-trials and through every adversity up to and including today, is
not lost on the thousands of advocates who address a global jury of
millions on their behalf.

The US establishment has demonstrated recently how little regard in
now needs or wants to hold for International Law and that it will not
desist from any activity, no matter how repugnant illogical, harmful
and destructive it may be, even to the majority of its own citizens.
The Zunzuneo revelations are in fact as ancient as they are new. This
is the exact nature of imperialism in microcosm, an empire addicted to
war and power more nasty and reactionary at present because it can
feel the teeth of change snapping at its limbs.

What should not be lost (and it seems by virtue of the relatively
small number of users affiliated and the shut-down after three years
was not by USAID and the Washington pay-masters) is the fact that
there is real appetite and support in Cuba for the reforms underway
within the context of revolutionary socialist independence and,
refreshingly by a youth often referred to by foreign media as
discontent or impatient –as well as the overwhelming majority of
Cubans generally — an absolute and considered rejection of US
sponsored “democracy-building” and regime change interventions.

What Zunzuneo says about the, not surprising but none the less
disgraceful, disregard for the CIA contactor Alan Gross is something
he, his wife Judy and their supporters should consider and compare to
the institutional and popular support that the Cuban 5 receive. All
people of good-will and social conscience must up the ante in what is
the real war on terror, the true struggle for liberation, democracy
and peace and engage in peaceful, truthful, loving and compassionate
Regime Change activity until the US and every other fascist and
neo-liberal regime is defeated and lying side by side beneath grave
stones that read “They Will Never Come Again.”



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