Message to the Network “In Defense of Humanity” from the Direction of the Hermanos Saíz National Association


AP news agency revealed the existence, between 2009 and 2012, the
Zunzuneo project prepared in the laboratories of ideological subversion of the
U.S. and promoted by USAID. Its purpose was to create a network directed to
Cuban youths to influence them to leadthem oppose the revolutionary government
and, eventually, mobilize them and use them for their destabilization purposes.
Through the SMSs, at first apparently inoffensive, ZunZuneo arrived to send
about two million messages to hundreds of young people in Cuba.

White House spokesman, Jay Carney, after revelations in different newspapers
finally admitted the paternity and funding of the Project by the government of
the United States.

The Hermanos Saíz Association that gathers the vanguard of young Cuban writers
and artists, requests the members of the Network “In Defense of Humanity” and
through all means available to you to denounce this new interference of the
United States against the Cuban Revolution.

The wishes of the Empire for an alleged generational fissure are totally
unfounded. We will not betray those who gave their life for sovereignty, justice
and true democracy.

Our generation, demonstrated in the recent AHS Congress that it is, in essence,
anti colonial and anti imperialist.

We, young Cuban artists, are committed to guarantee the continuity and
improvement of our Socialism and will not permit any manipulation whatsoever.
The methods of cultural war rehearsed against us will fail.

Havana, April 4, 2014, Direction of the Hermanos Saíz National Association,




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