Your 2014 Guide to the Scandals Surrounding Senator Bob Menendez



Image Associated Press
Associated Press

New Jersey’s reputation for political wrong-doing predates the Christie administration’s futzing with bridge traffic. Last year, the politician under fire was Sen. Bob Menendez, accused — deservedly and not — of inappropriate behavior involving hookers, influence, and cash. On Thursday, new allegations against Menendez emerged.

The new allegations

Menendez, who has served in the U.S. Senate since 2006, is being investigated by the FBI for having perhaps intervened on behalf of two accused criminals from Ecuador in exchange for campaign contributions.

The details of the investigation are sketchy as outlined by NBC, but go something like this. William and Roberto Isaias of Ecuador were convicted by that country’s government of embezzling millions of dollars from a bank that they ran as it collapsed. The two moved to the United States, but the country hasn’t determined that the evidence of their guilt is substantial enough to warrant extradition back…

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