Rene Gonzalez and Olga Salanueva: “It’s simple: until now and for life”


The way how did a beautiful love story, simple but apparently taken from the pages of a novel, reveals the greatness of spirit and noble feelings of two human beings then subjected to the hardest tests imposed by the line of duty.

By Waldo Barrera Martínez

On November 28 last, journalists Javier Salado and Graciela Ramírez, correspondent of the Cuban edition of Latin summary, I conducted an extensive interview with the Hero of the Republic of Cuba, René González, who at the time, accompanied by his wife, divulged many Details of their random lives.

On that occasion, two partially revealed to interviewers how did a beautiful love story straight out of the pages of a novel, revealing the greatness of spirit and noble feelings of two human beings then subjected to the hardest tests imposed by the of duty.

We now consider our readers an excerpt from that meeting where release this simple and touching story, spent in the Cuba of the early 80s, with the carefree mood of freshness and two young men of his time.

“You ask me to talk about what it has meant to me Olga. You need to remember how we met. Olga was a colleague of the wife of a school instructor in San Julian [*] , this couple – and she died, Marisol match-they loved people, even Marisol’s sister ended up marrying my instructor, Salas . In all that room, they insist that I meet Olga and begin to talk a girl as pretty, as seriecita, in short, to talk wonders of Olga.

Finally I agreed and we know we were going to meet the February 14, 1982. They organized a party at someone’s house and we were going to meet there, but what about: a week earlier on Monday above twist of fate-had said in the aviation school that they caught knocking coconuts, what they would bounce from school. In San Julian, had a very large coconut groves and always the stories and tales of San Julián it humorously were linked to the struggle of students for stealing coconuts and administration to stop it. Stories are anthology. Persecutions, atrocities did the students not the cogieran, etc. ”

René tells how chance and help some workers, is caught red-handed on top of a coconut tree. The adventure ended two months without a pass, which only helped to lengthen the time of encounter. But that’s another story, we suppress that part not to tire our readers. Continue the story:

So I stayed two months at San Julian and my friends kept saying, “too bad, you’re so pretty girl.” Olga was already dreaming without knowing it, sometimes I would start exercising and doing sit-ups, I thought, how is OlgaTime passed, and he met the two months in the first half of April’m on the first pass, that Saturday was April 10. I lived on the beach of 16 and would not ever Santa María del Mar, it seemed a waste of time to catch the bus to Santa Maria and start taking the beach there, on hand, with my environment.

I remember Marisol and husband tell me that Saturday would be on the beach in Santa Maria, and insist that I go and meet Olga. In the morning I go to the beach of 16 and I’m with my friends; think much to go to Santa Maria, take a bus. But they had told me to call at each house Marisol to know exactly where they would be: I leave the peole from 16 to 11:30, take a bath and all are thinking, “pussy but starting to Santa Maria “. I decided to try it to see what happened, I’m on the corner, i phone and tells me Mom Marisol, they were in Boca Ciega, it was there. I was filled with value, I take the panties and pulled up there. I arrived and got off the wooden bridge that no longer exists, and when I got off, the group received me and left the “Mermaid” from the sea. Since I saw her I said to this girl is pretty.

That Saturday we talked on the beach, play with peersAfter the trip to Havana we did “backwards”, something that many people did: they went to the terminal before returning Guanabo sitting. The trip we did in the last seat, “in the kitchen” Girón screaming because a lot of noise, we were talking and then I realized I had conversation, had seen that was nice, tremendous big eyes, a cute laugh, the lips … in short, had all the features. That Saturday I accompanied her to her home and the next day went for a walk, we went to Coney Island and a movie. It was Sunday April 11. I had to go back to school, so when I leave the house I said, “next week I love you” and she looked at me as if to say do it now, but I had to give me my place.

I went to San Julian, for flight school. That week I spend thinking about it, then yes every day, and say, “cute girl pussy, I have to Love”. By next Saturday, April 17, we agreed the same group and went to “The Strings” which at that time was a nightclub, most enjoyable it was. There, I do not know if the music of Roberto Carlos, the atmosphere, was ready to throw a “descarguita” but when I go to throw the discharge look like me with those eyes … and nothing, and I kissed ya, so far . So simple, so far and for life. ”

The marriage, despite the abrupt separation of many years of cruel and unjust removal, after more than three decades, remains intact and visibly stronger and more solid than ever. A couple distinguished by simplicity and humility, which may well go unnoticed in his walk through the streets of any Cuban neighborhood if not for the recognition enjoyed by all our citizens.

Olga today is the eternal companion. We see the arm of her husband in all areas inside and outside of Cuba, at all times, pinned Rene as yellow bracelet worn on one wrist, fighting tirelessly beside him, at any time, by return home of his four brothers, still separated from loved ones and all the people that claimed grateful.

[*] This refers to the aviation school of San Julian in the province of Pinar del Pinar del Rio, where René studied between 1979 and 1982, graduating agricultural pilot.


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