International Journal of Cuban Studies Book Review of Cuba and Its Neighbours: Democracy in Motion by Arnold August

Review by David Grantham
‘It is my intention through this book’, author Arnold August writes, ‘to provide readers with some tools for following the future situation independently, without the blinders of preconceived notions’ (p. 232). For August, the future situation is a rejuvenated Cuban Revolution, and the preconceived notions involve the supposed superiority of United States democracy, which has jaded, even blinded, its citizens against alternative versions of democracy. August aims to remove those blinders through a systemic, comparative analysis of political practices carried out in Cuba and other surrounding countries. However, comparing governing strategies is no novel idea. Where August sets himself apart is in reimagining the practice of democracy. In so doing, August redefines Cuban politics as a form of democracy. Part political science, part history, Democracy in Motion is an intimate unveiling of Cuba’s political process designed to explore the island nation’s ‘approach to democracy’ (p. xiii).
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About David Grantham:
He is a PhD Candidate in Modern Latin American History with supporting fields in Modern Middle East History and Modern U.S. Diplomacy at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas. He specializes in Latin American and Middle East diplomacy, politics, and cultural exchange, and has published work on oil diplomacy and Cold War foreign relations. Before coming to academia, David held positions as an area specialist and international security advisor for the United States Air Force.,

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