Yes 188 No 2 Abstain 3 Voting Result at the UN General Assembly


One of the areas that the U.S. economic, commercial and financial blockade on Cuba has affected most is the public health sector.

This enduring diabolical and extraterritorial judicial stunt which has lasted over 50 years restricts the full provision of medical care, which following the triumph of the Revolution in Cuba, opted for free quality services laden with humanism and solidarity.

Maybe the myriads of patients and citizens who each day come to our medical facilities can not determine how much these facilities and their personnel suffer from the impact of the U.S. blockade, which even has hindered the buying of pills abroad occasionally.

The impossibility of buying lab reagents, spare parts for medical equipments, cutting-edge drugs and disposable materials, etc is the result of the economic war the United States have perpetrated against the island nation.

In a move to tighten even more the loop with which the empire is trying to choke Cuba, Washington does not hesitate in threatening our trading partners in this field, buying companies and bribing people to cut their supplies. Its Government also fines banks and lies about health care provision in Cuba.

As far as this blockade is not lifted, more quality in the medical service, more commitment of the army of white coats, more innovation and a rational use of resources are the best ways to counterattack this policy.

Against such hatred and blindness of the US Government, the rebel island will always use the antidote its moral in defense of the rights conquered by the people.



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