Germany: New PayPal Boycott Vs Cuba !


Berlin, Oct 19 (Prensa Latina) PayPal again froze the account of a German client under the excuse of the U.S. blockade against Cuba.
After implementing restrictive measures to companies that sell Cuban products online, PayPal blocked the account of the German COR rock group this time.

The musicians launched an online donation campaign to tour Cuba, to where they were invited by the Cuban Heavy Metal group Tendencia.

The PayPal service, offered by U.S. eBay Co., froze the donations for the campaign, rejecting the transference of funds to the group’s account.

German Neues Deutschland newspaper described the measure as “Rock n’ Roll embargo against Cuba”.

Two years ago, some German companies reached an agreement with PayPal during a lawsuit at Traunstein Provincial Court, Bavaria. “However, in this case, the affected companies accepted PayPal’s conditions, which demanded not to charge Cuban products through its website”, underlined the German Network of Solidarity (NETZWERK CUBA), an organization comprised of more than 40 solidarity groups.

In a communiqué, NETZWERK CUBA highlighted the European Union prohibits using the U.S. blockade against Cuba as pretext in the EU member states.


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