Cuba and Its Neighbours: Democracy in Motion


The page, ACADEMIC SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS, of the web site (,) is being made available to serve as a networking resource for teachers, researchers and students
The first book tour took place in the Spring/Summer 2013 in Ottawa
(2 engagements), Montreal, Washington D.C. and New York.

The October 9, 2013 conference given to the Political Anthropology excerpts class at Concordia University, Montreal was the first stop in a multi-country Academic Book Tour from October 2013 to May 2014. It will have stops mainly in universities in New York, Connecticut, University of Toronto, Universite Laval (Quebec City, French), Halifax, Havana (Spanish), United States (two visits), United Kingdom, Canadian Association for Latin American and Caribbean Studies taking place at Universite Laval, Quebec (A Keynote Speech on the book “Cuba and Its Neighbours: Democracy in Motion”, English/French), Latin American Studies Association, Chicago (TBC), Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and Sweden. More details on these lectures will be made available as they are confirmed, and others will be added as they are likewise finalized.

To invite the author to a university or for similar academic speaking engagements such as libraries, contact Arnold August:,
arnold august


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