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September 24, 2013


by Stephen Kimber on September 21, 2013

“With surgeon-like skill, Kimber dissects, bottom up, an injustice perpetrated at the highest levels on Cuban patriots acting for their government with few financial resources in a hostile foreign country… An important and riveting book.”
Chris Benjamin
Atlantic Books Today

“What Lies Across the Water connects the dots between the Cuban American National Foundation — an influential lobby group of Cuban exiles living in the U.S., the Brothers to the Rescue organization and paramilitary operations meant to violently overthrow the Cuban government and assassinate Fidel Castro… Those looking for truthful testimony about the Cuban Five will find that What Lies Across the Water makes a compelling and damning case.”
Yutaka Dirks

“With this important new book Kimber does a masterful job of showcasing his abundant talents as an investigative journalist and popular writer… What is remarkable is how he picked up this story, and began to collect all available information about it and to study it prodigiously. What is surprising is that he ended up putting so much meticulous work into uncovering the details of this exceptional story. What Lies Across the Water is easy to read, written almost like a novel. It is packed with information and entertains as well as informs.”
Charles Spurr
Media Co-op

“Far from being a boring account of deeds and misdeeds, Kimber employs eloquent prose and an enjoyable style to draw the reader into the tangled layers of terrorism and murder, espionage and deception, propaganda and myths, life sentences and impunity, meanness and hatred, love and sacrifice, romance and solitude, patriotism and delusion, good intentions and bad, and lies, lies, and more lies.”
Dawn Gable
Havana Times

“[The book] is fruit of a research carried out by someone who at the start was not a defender or sympathizer with the cause of The Five. Kimber, as many of the thousand Canadians who visit Cuba, probably bumped more than once into a propaganda poster written with naiveté or linguistic clumsiness; or heard someone speak with admiration of The Five Heroes. But he knew almost nothing when he started his research… It is not a lengthy work, difficult to read; quite the opposite. Its light and clear language allows readers to move along the episodes of the conflict, and finish in a few hours a story that captured them from the first page. It is the work of a master journalist, a great writer, and above all an honest intellectual committed only to what he could verify on his own.
Ricardo Alarcón

“Kimber’s account of the Cuban Five comes with a bit of bias. However, it’s ultimately a compelling read, but only after you doggedly surmount its difficult structure.”
Douglas J. Johnston
Winnipeg Free Press

Publication of What Lies Across the Water, Stephen Kimber’s book about Cuban anti-terrorists serving wildly extravagant terms in U.S. jails, is a remarkable event… The author’s clear, flowing, and often seat-gripping, even entertaining, narrative is an added plus. The book is highly recommended.
W.T. Whitney

The book is available from the publisher, Fernwood Publishing, selected bookstores,, and other retailers.

CAFE supports U.S.-Cuba maritime accords

September 24, 2013


CAFE (Cuban Americans for Engagement) wholeheartedly supports the recent meetings held in La Habana Cuba between U.S. and Cuban officials that produced a preliminary accord entitled Operational Procedure for Aeronautical and Maritime Search and Rescue between Cuba and the United States.

This necessary agreement stresses the need of saving the lives of people in danger, while pledging to guarantee the efficiency and effectiveness of the operations carried out by the entities responsible for this activity. It places the value of human life above ideological stances and allows both nations to fully cooperate in a manner that is mutually beneficial.

All reports indicate that these meetings were conducted in a climate of respect and cooperation. CAFE sincerely wishes that this meeting may serve as a useful blueprint for future official meetings between both governments.

CAFE Executive Committee

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Raúl Castro signs decree for Mariel Development Zone

September 24, 2013



Radio Progreso Alternativa (RPA)/Progreso Semanal: President Raúl Castro of Cuba today signed the decree-law that created the island’s first Special Zone of Development, in Mariel (ZEDM).

The news was announced during the 8 p.m. broadcast of the Cuban TV Newscast. It said that, during the meeting of the Council of State, Raúl Castro emphasized that, for this regional development project, national and international experiences were taken into account.

Mariel, a municipality 49 kilometers west of the capital, is one of the island’s best ports. The depth of its bay has been increased enough to accommodate large ships with deep load draft.

West of the bay, on what until 1960 was Cuba’s naval air force base, the landing strip has been extended considerably and widened by means of serious work.

The ZEDM, built at a cost of approximately $900 million (of which Brazil contributes $640 million), will begin partial operations by…

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