Urgent Medical Attention for Ramon Labaniño !!!

_1-Ramón con dos de sus hijas y Elizabeth-g

Important: Please Contact Prison Authorities at Ashland FCI Re.
Medical Attention for Ramon Labaniño.

Ramon urgently requires a surgical intervention on his knee. During
the event to mark 15 years of unjust imprisonment his daughter Laura
spoke about his worsening condition her fears that he could become
wheelchair bound.

Friends of the Five from all around the world have experience of very
effectively uniting in a concerted effort at times like this. We
remember how Gerardo´s stay in the “Hole” was shortened by what the
Victorville’s Representative on the Federal Bureau of Prisons
described as a “bombardment of calls letters and emails” to which he
was obliged to react.

It is time to do the same for Ramon. Attached is the FBP´s policy on
health care which can be referred to when communicating by email to
by post to

Ashland FCI
St. Route 716
Ashland KY

by phone (606) 9286414 or by fax (606) 9294395

(message from Sean Joseph Clancy, Trinidad, Cuba )

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    […] Un médico para RAMON!!! necesita intervención quirúrjica ya! via Facebook https://realcuba.wordpress.com/2013/09/17/urgent-medical-attention-for-ramon-labanino/ […]

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