Open Letter On the Occasion of the Fifteenth Anniversary of the
Detention of the Cuban Five and Dedicated to the memory of Bernie
Dwyer R.I.P

Dear President Obama,
The cases of four of the Cuban 5 who remain unjustly incarcerated in
U.S. prisons and that of Mr. Alan Gross, who is serving a long prison
sentence in Cuba are of international concern to many persons and
groups from a broad range of backgrounds and interests.

During the recent 5 days for the 5 in Washington D.C. more than 150
members of parliaments from around the world lent their names to the
call for justice.

It is beyond time that a humanitarian solution was found. Sept 12th
2013 is the fifteenth anniversary of the detention of the Five. Enough
time has passed.

Advocates from both sides, primarily family members of the prisoners,
share a common cause and both sides need the very same things to
happen in order that their loved ones may return to their homelands
and families.

Put simply there is a need for respectful, truthful, trusting and
courageous dialogue in an atmosphere of equality between the U.S and
Cuban administrations and a consequent development of the necessary
political will and action to bring an end to what has been a prolonged
and painful experience for everybody affected by the cases.

We the undersigned support their common cause and we join family
members from both sides in a united call for dialogue to commence and
for reciprocal humanitarian prisoner releases to take place

We are aware of the progress presently underway towards the
normalization of many aspects of U.S / Cuban relations and are
optimistic that it will continue for the betterment of both societies.

We support this progress and consider that it provides a context in
which the cases of the Five and of Mr. Gross can be addressed and

In solidarity with the families of all concerned and with sincere and
hopeful thanks for your attention and interest.

Ms. Mairead Maguire, Nobel Peace Laureate and Peace Advocate.
Ms. Maureen O Sullivan, T.D. (Member of the Irish National Parliament)
and Member of Governmental Foreign Affairs Committee.
Mr. Thomas Pringle T.D. (Member of the Irish National Parliament)
Mr. Pat Muldowney, Professor of Mathematics (R) at Magee University,
Social and Political Historian and Author,


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