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September 6, 2013


Open Letter On the Occasion of the Fifteenth Anniversary of the
Detention of the Cuban Five and Dedicated to the memory of Bernie
Dwyer R.I.P

Dear President Obama,
The cases of four of the Cuban 5 who remain unjustly incarcerated in
U.S. prisons and that of Mr. Alan Gross, who is serving a long prison
sentence in Cuba are of international concern to many persons and
groups from a broad range of backgrounds and interests.

During the recent 5 days for the 5 in Washington D.C. more than 150
members of parliaments from around the world lent their names to the
call for justice.

It is beyond time that a humanitarian solution was found. Sept 12th
2013 is the fifteenth anniversary of the detention of the Five. Enough
time has passed.

Advocates from both sides, primarily family members of the prisoners,
share a common cause and both sides need the very same things to
happen in order that their loved ones may return to their homelands
and families.

Put simply there is a need for respectful, truthful, trusting and
courageous dialogue in an atmosphere of equality between the U.S and
Cuban administrations and a consequent development of the necessary
political will and action to bring an end to what has been a prolonged
and painful experience for everybody affected by the cases.

We the undersigned support their common cause and we join family
members from both sides in a united call for dialogue to commence and
for reciprocal humanitarian prisoner releases to take place

We are aware of the progress presently underway towards the
normalization of many aspects of U.S / Cuban relations and are
optimistic that it will continue for the betterment of both societies.

We support this progress and consider that it provides a context in
which the cases of the Five and of Mr. Gross can be addressed and

In solidarity with the families of all concerned and with sincere and
hopeful thanks for your attention and interest.

Ms. Mairead Maguire, Nobel Peace Laureate and Peace Advocate.
Ms. Maureen O Sullivan, T.D. (Member of the Irish National Parliament)
and Member of Governmental Foreign Affairs Committee.
Mr. Thomas Pringle T.D. (Member of the Irish National Parliament)
Mr. Pat Muldowney, Professor of Mathematics (R) at Magee University,
Social and Political Historian and Author,


Cuban Youths Open Campaign for the Five

September 6, 2013


Cuban Youths Open Campaign for the Five with Cultural Activities

Sep 6 (acn) With culture as their most effective weapon, Cuban youths launched a music concert on Thursday as their first action of the current campaign to demand the release of the Cuban anti-terrorist fighters held in the US for 15 years.
The concert was joined by opening of three visual arts exhibitions at Havana’s Fine Arts Museum. Both activities iniciated the campaign that is running till October 6 and with its peak day on September 12, which marks the 15 year of the unfair incarceration of Gerardo Hernandez, Ramon Labañino, Fernando Gonzalez, Antonio Guerrero and Rene Gonzalez, internationally known as the Cuban Five.
Rene Gonzalez, who is already back in Cuba after having met his sentence and achieved the modification of his parole conditions, called on all Cubans to stage a nation-wide campaign for the release of his compatriots, which has been backed by many friends of Cuba abroad.
A exhibition with cartoons made by Gerardo Hernandez will be on display at the Fine Arts Museum during the campaign along with photo gallery by Antonio Guerrero, based on a joint project with US photographer Bill Hackwell.

Relatives of Cuban Five Meet Cuban Youths
(acn) The international campaign, running since Thursday till October 6, to denounce the unfair incarceration since 1998, in the United States of the Cuban antiterrorist fighters, included a meeting between Cuban youths and the wives of Gerardo Hernandez, Adriana Perez, and of Ramon Labañino, Elizabeth Palmeiro.
The dialog took place at the Cuban Friendship Institute in Havana, where participants wore yellow ribbons in a gesture of Support to the call issued by Cuban Hero Rene Gonzalez to mark the current campaign.
Adriana Perez said that this struggle must be waged from our own hearts because the Cuban Five saved more than one life. She called on the youths to keep defending the truth about the five anti-terrorist fighters.
Elizabeth Palmeiro answered questions by high school students and she addressed the suffering inflicted on her family due to the unfair separation from Ramon Labañino.
The meeting was attended by Giustino Di Celmo, father of Fabio Di Celmo, who was a victim of terrorist attacks in Havana 16 years ago, as well as by children of the victims of the 1976 bombing of a Cubana airliner off the coasts of Barbados, which killed all 73 people on board.

Tie a Yellow Ribbon Around the Old Oak Tree for the Cuban Five!

Dear friends of the Cuban Five:
Everyone remembers the song sung by Tony Orlando in 1973, “Tie a Ribbon Around the Old Oak Tree,” about a prisoner coming home who wants to know if his love still wants him after years
prison. It is a moving song that was the number 1 hit of the year 1973 in the United States and very popular internationally.
Now the song has been revived by Cuban musical artists for the Cuban Five heroes,
in a beautiful and touching video, to accompany a campaign for Sept. 12, which is the 15th anniversary of the U.S.’s unjust imprisonment of the Five.
René González of the Cuban Five who is now free in Cuba, spoke on Cuban TV to urge all Cubans and supporters to display Yellow Ribbons.
He said that for September 12, “… as the island of Cuba wakes up, let yellow ribbons appear in the trees, in balconies, on your person, on your pets, however you choose. Let those yellow ribbons fill the country so that any foreign visitor or correspondent cannot ignore it and they can tell the world that the Cuban people are waiting for four of their sons, imprisoned in the United States.”
To all supporters of the Cuban Five, as you carry out your solidarity actions for the Five, wherever you are, display your yellow ribbons, and spread the word of the Cuban Video. Let that catchy tune become a theme song of the Five!
National Committee to Free the Cuban Five
Email: * web:,

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