Doctor shocker: Cuba puts UK to shame


As news reaches us of Cuba sending 4,000 doctors to Brazil to provide medical care in the remotest parts of the Amazon, we are provided in the UK with new figures that illustrate just how stupidly imbalanced the world of health care provision is. This table (above) published today in the UK’s Daily Mail newspaper shows the country of origin of the thousands of foreign doctors currently working in the National Health Service. Without these doctors, they are saying, the NHS just would not be able to function because we are not graduatung enough of our own. The reason for that is the cost of studying for a medical degree, which has become too high, and the number of places available at medical schools being simply inadequate.
The table shows that there are 4 Haitian doctors in the UK. This is interesting because of course there are currently NO Haitian doctors in Haiti – where the medical services are being provided by Cubans, who, according to the Independent newspaper “put the rest of the world to shame.” This irony would be amusing if it were not so tragic. Look at the number of doctors of Sudanese and Nigerian origin in the UK! The question must be asked as to why it is that so many of these people are not working in their own countries where the level of medical care is so poor? Meanwhile, Cuba keeps on graduating doctors of its own and from around the developing world who make a solemn promise that they will work among the poor of their own countries when they qualify. Perhaps Britain should recruit some doctors from Cuba or, better still, send students of its own who can’t afford the cost of studying in the UK to Havana for training? Surely that would be better than sucking the developing world dry of its scarce medical resources?

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