Relatives of Cuban Five Express Sympathies for Death of Activist Bernie Dwyer


The relatives of the five Cubans anti-terrorist fighters who were given unfair prison sentences in the United States expressed their deepest sorrow for the passing away on July 10 of activist and internationalist Bernie Dwyer, and expressed their condolences to her family.

Bernie Dwyer, also journalist based in Cuba fought in the defense of the Cuban Revolution and all just causes around the world till the last days of her life, Radio Havana Cuba reported.

In their message, the spouses, mothers and other relatives of Gerardo Hernandez, Ramon Labanino, Rene Gonzalez, Antonio Guerrero and Fernando Gonzalez, said that they learned about the passing away of unforgettable friend Bernie, who after a strong fight against her disease never stopped her struggle for the causes of the peoples and particularly for the cause of Cuba and the Cuban Five.

“Bernie, `The Irish’ as we used to tell her with affection, accompanied us since the very first day of the Cuban Five case, when the injustice committed against them in Miami was denounced. Her invaluable contribution to break the wall of silence raised against the case led her to express herself through her journalist work about it in an excellent manner, as she put her condition of being an English speaking native in favor of the five of the Cuban Five to break that wall of silence,” the message reads.

She traveled across the United States and Canada to show her documentary Mission against Terror, with which she spread the truth of Cuba and the Five to other people and she even attended an oral hearing of the case in Atlanta City’s Appeals Court.

The relatives of the Cuban Five conveyed their deepest condolences to the children, grand children and other relatives of Bernie on behalf of the five anti-terrorist fighters, and they stressed that Bernie will always be among us.

Bernadette Dwyer, known to all as Bernie, died Wednesday in her native Ireland. Bernie worked in the English-language Department of Radio Havana Cuba for ten years. Before her retirement from Radio Havana several years ago and during the final years of her life, she was a tireless fighter for the freedom of the Cuban Five.

Bernie Dwyer was co-producer of “Mission against Terror,” which examines the history of U.S.-based terrorist violence against Cuba and the struggle for the Cuban Five. Known for her excellent radio and film interviews, Bernie also directed “One Man’s Story” on former CIA agent Philip Agee.

Bernie first traveled to Cuba as a brigadista with the Nordic Brigade in 1988 and returned to Cuba in 1998 with a Pastors for Peace Caravan. She began her work as a journalist and announcer at Radio Havana Cuba in the year 2000. (RHC)

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