Letter of july to President Obama


Mr President Obama July first, 2013
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue N.W.
Washington DC 20500

Mr President,

Two months ago, in the Argentinean community of Virreseú, there was a gruesome discovery. Human bones, found in a barrel of cement, had been identified. They were what were left of the Cuban diplomat Jesus Cejas Arias, reported missing in August of 1976, under the dictatorship of Jorge Videla. This man vanished at the same time as his colleague Galañena Hernández. The remains of Galañela Hernández had been found and identified in 2012. He was also found in a barrel of cement.
These two young diplomats, 22 and 26 years of age, had been illegally confined at the secret center of Operation Condor at Buenos Aires, named Automotores Orletti. Your fellow citizen Guillermo Novo Sampol, a member of the sinister organization CORU, created by Orlando Bosch, had come especially from the United States to take part in the brutal interrogation of these two Cubans. Tortured and assassinated, unfortunately we know what happened to them afterwards.
Orlando Bosch and his cohort Luis Posada Carriles are notoriously famous. They were the brains behind the sabotage of the “Cubana de Aviación” plane that exploded in flight on October 6th 1976, causing 73 victims. They had a hand in a large number of terrorist attacks.
The history of the Cuban Revolution, from its beginning, is marked with assassinations, sabotages and terrorist attacks, carried out by anti-Castro terrorist groups in Florida, such as the CORU as well as many others, encouraged, and even paid for by the CIA.
The terrorist attacks against tourist infrastructures in Havana rose in number at the beginning of the eighties. This is the reason that brought the agents of the “Avispa” network to come and infiltrate the terrorist underground of Miami. Gerardo Hernández, Antonio Guerrero, Fernando González, Ramón Labañino, and René González, “The Cuban Five ”, as they are called, were part of this “Avispa” network.
The Cuban Five were arrested in Miami in September of 1998 by the South Florida chief of the FBI, Hector Pesquera.
During the Latin American Summit meeting in 2000, which took place in Panama, Posada Carriles, with the help of his three accomplices (one of them was Guillermo Novo Sampol), had planned to blow up the amphitheater where President Fidel Castro was to be present. Thanks to the agents who had taken the place of the “Five”, a horrifying carnage was avoided just in time. Posada Carriles and his accomplices were arrested and sentenced in Panama.
In August of 2003, the FBI agent Ted Pesquera, as despicable as his father Hector, gave the order to put all the original documents of the Posada Carriles case that were stocked in the Miami FBI office in the shredder. This was just before Carriles’ sentence was pronounced in Panama. As it happens, the court demanded the original documents and not copies or facsimiles.
Mireya Moscoso, the president of Panama, provoked a scandal in 2004 when he granted a pardon to Posada Carriles and his three henchmen just six days before the end of his term.
They had fled from Panama aboard two private jets with the complicity of the former Director of the National Police, Carlos Barés, of the Assistant Director of Service of Immigration Javier Tapia, and of the head of the Directorate of Intelligence and Information of the Police (DIIP), Arnulfo Escobar.
Orlando Bosch died free as a bird two years ago in Miami; Luis Posada Carriles is still strutting about freely under the Miami sun, while four of the Cuban Five are still imprisoned in the United States.
The situation of the Cuban Five is an injustice that nauseates humanists all over the world. At the beginning of last month, you must have heard, Mr. President, about your fellow countrymen who, for five days running, their cries resounding, they reclaimed liberty for The Five in Washington. Among them, that of Dolores Huerta. This courageous woman defends immigrant rights, and you yourself decorated her last year with the Liberty Medal.
Last May 31st, the Reverend Joan Brown Campbell, who represents the United States Church Council, went to Havana. She is hoping to help find a satisfactory solution to the affair of the four Cubans, and to that of your countryman Alan Gross. After having met with the Cuban’s families, she declared that it is time to put an end to this unpleasant incident.
You cannot wait any longer, Mr. President, to free these Cubans. You have the power to turn this page of history for your two countries. Cuba and the United States must live in mutual respect, in peace and in fraternity.
Please receive, Mr. President, the expression of my most sincere humanitarian sentiments.

Jacqueline Roussie
64360 Monein (France)

Translated by William Peterson

Copies sent to: Mrs. Michelle Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Kathryn Ruemmler, Janet Napolitano, to Mr.. Joe Biden, John F. Kerry, Denis MacDonough, Harry Reid, Eric Holder, Pete Rouse, Rick Scott, and to Charles Rivkin, United States Ambassador in France.

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