Mariela Castro pulls Cuban team from Outgames, cites organizers’ snub


Cuba’s first daughter responds to the ‘hostile’ decision of World Outgames organizers, who revoked their invitation that she be co-chair of the human rights chapter
By Jean Paul Zapata – Gaystarnews

Mariela Castro, a vocal advocate for LGBT rights in Cuba and niece of Fidel Castro, has pulled the Cuban team from participating in July’s World Outgames.

According to Mexican sports magazine Esto, Castro said that Outgames organizers revoked their offer to make her co-chair of the human rights chapter for the games, later saying she is only allowed to attend as a speaker.

Castro, who attended the Outgames as a speaker on three previous occasions, said the directors of the international homosexual sporting event succumbed to foreign political pressure, possibly from the Netherlands or Miami.

Castro asked of the Outgames organizers: ‘How am I going to be discriminated against for my politics? I, who am a fighter for human rights and the inclusion of all human beings?’

Cuba’s debut at the Outgames, to be held in Antwerp, Belgium from 31 July to 11 August, was meant to be the first time any delegation from the island attended this type of event. Castro confirmed that the Belgian government had nothing to do with what she calls a ‘political manipulation’.

Castro reported that a Cuban team’s participation in an international homosexual sports event is be postponed until 2014, as she has received an invitation from the Gay Games, the world’s largest and oldest LGBT sporting event.

As director of CENESEX (National Center for Sex Education), Castro has played a pivotal role in the betterment of LGBT rights in a country where homosexuals were sent to labor camps. Earlier this month Castro received an award for her groundbreaking LGBT rights advocacy work in Cuba. (,)

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