Tony: We were, are and will always be the Five

- antonio2012 (Tony)

To my brother René in freedom
by Tony Guerrero
May 10, 2013

That September 12, with no adjective to describe its violence, I was the last one who arrived in Miami [detention center], and consequently the last one to be placed in an extremely cold cell, with a bare mattress, a blanket and a roll of toilet paper; all of us isolated.

It was a gloomy silence on that 13th floor of the Miami Detention Center. By purely animal instinct, one begins to walk in circles within that tiny space. From time to time, I would stop before the narrow window on the metal door, where a guard on duty had us under constant surveillance. In a cell in front, at the far edge of my sight, I saw a man who would also stop from time to time at his window. An austere bearded face, his chest bare and I wondered: who is that guy? Isn’t he cold?

It was René, I didn’t know him yet.

In those first days, the first of many countless ones to come, they took us, him and me, to the Courtroom. We had to declare ourselves innocent or guilty, which in our case meant declaring ourselves honorable or dishonorable, honest or dishonest, loyal or traitors. We two were very certain about our innocence. But there was one, whom I also didn’t know, who would declare himself guilty. Each one of us was brought separately before the Judge, but René read the treason in the face of that twerp, who tried to wrap me up in his fable. Later, René told me: I have to talk with that guy. I just asked him to be calm.

That is how I knew him.
That is how we five became brothers.
That is why his freedom is our freedom, his pain and happiness is also ours.
That is why our unjust prison will continue being his prison.
That is why we were, are and will always be the Cuban Five, forged as one man, one Cuban like millions of compatriots, loyal to his people and his homeland.

Tony Guerrero Rodríguez
May 10, 2013
Marianna Federal Prison

Certificado de Pérdida de Nacionalidad de EE.UU-g

( confirmation of René’s loss of US-citizenship )

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